Malaysian Pulled Tea

Teh Tarik, a milk tea, is the famous national drink of Malaysia. This is achieved through a distinct process of pouring and "pulling" the drink between two containers (cup or pitcher).
The drink is said to have Indian-Muslim immigrant origins in the Malay Peninsula back when these were served in drink stalls at the entrance of rubber plantations during the post-World War II.
Preparing it starts with tea leaves of any kind being brewed (some of which with certain spices added), then mixed with evaporated and condensed milk in boiling water. The "pulling", which is a pouring technique ideally done at arm's length, follows and is constantly repeated a number of times to cool the brew while creating a more flavorful, rich, and frothy drink.
It is believed that a good brew is achieved through 6 important things:
the tea leaves usedhow the tea is mixedthe way the tea is "pulled" and the duration of the "pulling"the level of sweetness through amount o…

Teh Tarik: Malaysian Pulled Tea

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