Mango Beat: 5 Travel Tips for Unplanned Adventures

by Camille Conopio originally published on

Sometimes the best trips are those done at the spur-of-the-moment with the most spontaneous set of travel buddies. Live in the moment, but don’t get carried away by the hype and be left lost or inconvenienced rather than achieving a fun and memorable journey. Here are five important things to keep in mind before traveling and while you’re at it:

Have a basic checklist

No matter how unplanned your trip may be, a basic list is always a must. Forgetting to pack an extra pair of underwear, shirt, or a toothbrush isn’t a problem at all, but leaving your prescribed meds, ID’s, travel documents and the other must-haves when traveling can cause a lot of inconveniences. Before anything, have a clear mind and jot down on a sturdy notepad as clearly as you can the important things you cannot leave without. It’s easy to buy extra clothes while traveling; so make sure you list down the essentials first before moving on to your outfits.

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