Global News: Summer Movies in Italy, Disney's Star Wars-themed Hotel, and more!

Summer flicks of Italy Have you ever watched a movie with beautiful locations and ever thought to yourself “I would love to visit there someday”? One of the many countries featured in these movies often is the romantic European country of Italy. From its artsy streets to the vibe of a warm and exotic vacation location, you can’t help but fall slowly fall in love with it the more you see it on the big screen. Recommended Read: 8 summery films making us want to travel to Italy Upcoming Star Wars-themed hotel by Disney Recently, the Star Wars franchise has grown with a slew of new movie releases after a decade of silence on the silver screen. In the wake of this newfound popularity, all sorts of merchandise has popped up and gotten in the hands of fans both new and old: toys, keychains, replicas and more. Disney, the company that bought Lucasfilm back in 2012, is now taking the first step with a teaser for their very first Star Wars-themed hotel where old and young alike can enjoy r…

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