6 Spooky Places Around the World

With Halloween just around the corner, people look forward to all kinds of fun activities: gorging on candy, wearing costumes, and looking for a good scare. While some people will have a scream at the local haunted house or spooky carnival ride, other horror-loving folks want to explore some of the creepiest venues and buildings known to man. Whether you love being scared senseless or you’d rather avoid anything that goes bump in the night, you’d do well to keep these spooky sites in mind the next time you travel during the day of the dead:

The Catacombs- France While France may be known for its art and architecture, not all building materials are fit to see the light of day. That’s why the Catacombs of Paris are, thankfully, underground. The walls are lined with the bones of more than a million people who died in the past. It was said the remains of the dead were transferred there after the diseased corpses were starting to spread sicknesses from the local cemetery. It definitely mak…

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