Travel Tips: Simple Scarf Styles

The scarf is a very small yet important part of any chilly day outfit, keeping you warm while giving a
bland outfit the color or accent it needs to really stand out. Not sure how to tie that scarf, though?
We’ve got some super simple styles to really make your fashion sense show without all of the
complicated knots and bows.

Here are five low-key scarf wrapping skills you can sport on your next day out.

Shawl Wrap Not all scarves necessarily have to be worn around the neck. If its large and wide enough when spread
out, you could easily use it as a colorful shawl. While it may not keep specific parts of your body warm,
having some thick cloth cover your shoulders may fend off the light chill of an early morning on the front

Cozy Neck Wrap The art of keeping cozy is all about keeping things tight and well-wrapped, and nothing exemplifies that
more than this scarf style. Simply wrap the entirety of the scarf around your neck as much as you can,
adjusting the tightness to your liking. M…

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