Giving Thanks Around the World

While we are all quite familiar with this month's highlight holiday, let us look into the different Thanksgiving celebrations worldwide: Canadian Thanksgiving, Second Monday of October An annual holiday in North America which originally started as a religious holiday. Its earliest recorded celebration is traced back in 1578 after a safe journey by explorer Martin Frobisher. In Quebec, it is recognized as 'Action de Grace' where celebrations are a lot more low-key than the Thanksgiving celebration in the US. Kadazan Festival - Malaysia, Month-long celebration; May The Kaamatan is a significant festivity for the ethnic indigenous group in the state of Sabah in Malaysia - the Kadazans. With rice farming contributing a large part in their culture and livelihood, the Kaamatan is a harvest festival that celebrates the god Bambaazon whose daughter was sacrificed to save the people suffering famine. Traditional games and performances play an important part in the festival's pro…

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