Year in Review: 2018 Travel Trends

Just like the past years, 2018 made sure it wouldn’t get left behind when it comes to more revolutions, discoveries, and developments. The travel and tourism industry has also shown diversity in trends and advancement. Here’s what topped in the world of travel this year:
Health and Wellness Travels Holidays that let you enjoy both travels and fitness or some call “fitcations” has recently become a rising trend among travelers and/or health buffs. Fitness boot camps, spa and yoga retreats, international marathons/triathlons, let you go on adventures while also pursuing your fitness goals. Why enjoy one when you can have both, right?
Solo Travels This is for the fearless and seeks adventures and discoveries on his/her own. While in the past, traveling solo, especially for women, was once looked down upon, nowadays it has created a positive impact among individual’s self-awareness and fulfillment. Being able to travel alone bring out a sense of independence and accomplishment and breaks s…

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