What to do when an airline loses your luggage?

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A lot of unexpected things that happen when traveling. A delayed flight may seem like a pretty bad thing, however, a mishandled bag (lost or delayed) can be worse. Whether you would have to jump through hoops to get your luggage bag or be lucky to have it back immediately, here’s what you have to do:

Inform and report Proceed to report your missing luggage to the airline or baggage desk immediately. It is important that the airline is informed as soon as possible rather than waiting to tell them about what had happened. Certain airlines have a duration as to when you need to file a complaint. Also, they would have to reimburse your necessary purchases while waiting to retrieve your luggage.

Make a list Lists are a big help. Providing a full description of your luggage, the bag tag attached with the details on it, and, most of all, a list of all the things inside could help make tracking easier. Also, make sure to keep your baggage claim stubs as these a…

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