Travel Tip : TSA Approved Lock

February 27, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

Throughout the years we’ve heard many entertaining travel stories from our customers, and sometimes we hear the not-so-good ones. A lot of people associate international travel with adventure and the thrill of being in far off places while encountering new people and cultures, but that excitement can be cut short when things like this happen:

Video: Breaking into locked suitcases is easier than you thought.

Having logged countless flights both overseas and domestically for business and vacation, we know the ups and downs of traveling, not to mention how important it is to NOT lose your stuff. While the constant inspections these days means constantly locking and unlocking your personal belongings seem like a pain, there are many ways to avoid such hassles.

One way is to get a TSA Approved lock:

These locks have a TSA-only bypass built in, should they need to open your checked in luggage. Some other brands also have color indicators to notify you if the lock has indeed been opened using that bypass.

Traveling can be a life-changing adventure, which is why we are in this business, and taking a few precautions can make sure that your trip won’t hit any snags.

-by Vincent Amazona


Mango seeds... Advertising that grows!

February 26, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

We are pleased to introduce the new and improved Mango Tours commercial!

For the many who have seen our older versions, you will agree and it is safe to say that we went with a different approach to show the real side of Mango Tours. Hope you enjoy it.

This commercial airs daily on The Filipino Channel (TFC) on Comcast and DirecTV.

If you havent seen our old commercials we will post on a later date.


Philippine expats help economy beat expectations

February 25, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

"Bagong Simbolo ng OFW", by Robert Almario

Despite the global economic recession, strong remittance flows from expatriates manage to keep the Philippine economy afloat, says James Hookway of the Wall Street Journal.

This economic safety net created by Filipino overseas workers has propped up consumer spending in the country. The question of whether it can remain stable throughout the economic downturn is still to be seen, as it attempts to offset the slump in the exporting and manufacturing industries.

Being that Mango Tours has a partnership with PNB Remittance Centers, Inc. (the largest remittance agency in the US for the Philippine market), and that both Panorama Mango Tours branch and PNB branch are shared together in one location, we see on the daily how strong remittances are to the motherland. Like clockwork the neighborhood Fil-Ams rush in line to send money, whether it be to their parents, spouses, or children.

Just like the need to send money to loved ones, our Filipinos also find the importance of visiting home and being with kapamilya. Travel to the Philippines during our current economic crisis has remained strong and consistent, we are happy to report. It again shows how family and taking care of one another shows what values remain high on the list for Filipinos.

To read the article by James Hookway, click here.


Culinary traveler Anthony Bourdain goes on a food trip, Pinoy style

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

above: Anthony, eyeing the lechon with a San Miguel Pale Pilsen in hand. Photograph by Jared Andrukanis/Zero Point Zero Productions

Culinary traveler Anthony Bourdain, host of Travel Channel’s No Reservations and author of Kitchen Confidential embarked on an adventure in the Philippines to explore the unique cuisine that the country has to offer last November 2008.

Hopping from one destination to another starting from Manila, then Cebu, Pampanga and back to Manila once again in one week, Anthony was able to get a taste of the Filipinos’ famous lechon (slow-roasted pork), beef bulalo (bone marrow soup) and sisig (sizzling chopped pig parts), along with other delicious Filipino delicacies that were prepared for him and his crew. He even walked the streets of Binondo trying chicken balls on sticks dipped in vinegar, taho (bean curd with tapioca syrup), pancit palabok (rice noodles cooked in annatto or atchuete seeds)!

It is no surprise that Anthony is impressed by our very own Filipino cuisine, which he describes as intensely regional ("even the difference between the food in Manila and Pampanga -- only a couple of hours away --is striking").

Topping his list of all the roast pork he's ever tasted all over the world is the famous lechon from Cebu. In the show he is seen eating the crispy skin of the lechon, the part which every Filipino knows is the best.

Are you homesick or curious enough yet? Book a flight to the Philippines through Mango Tours right now and lose yourself in our famous Filipino cuisine that is exotic, enticing, unique and sumptuous all at the same time!

"I hope that homesick Filipinos living abroad get a glimpse of some of the food and scenery they've no doubt been missing. And for viewers who weren't previously familiar with the wide and tasty spectrum of flavors available over there, I hope the sight of me shoving a lot of very tasty stuff into my maw provides -- if nothing else -- inspiration to look further."
- an excerpt from Anthony Bourdain's blog entry,
Heirarchy of Pork


Book your flights online today!

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

The launch of Mango Tour's flight booking engine was one of the things that made 2008 memorable. This booking engine is set apart from the rest being that our own IT and fares team engineered this from the ground up, making it our own product that is sophisticated in its own regard:

above: the booking engine on the Mango Tours Website

query flights to and from Manila using the booking engine

It not only pulls our contracted and negotiated fares for the airlines we carry, but also publishes rates for all other airlines. The sky's the limit!


One Stop Shop for Global Filipinos

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

Last June 2008, a strategic partnership was formed between Mango Tours and Philippine National Bank (PNB) Remittance Centers Inc. to better serve the Filipino community nationwide.

Through this partnership, you can now handle all your travel needs at any of the 39 PNB branch locations throughout the nation. This makes the most common Fil-Am services such as sending money and travel available at one stop shop convenience.

The Filipino Channel's Balitang America features the partnership between the two companies


Aloha, Philippines!

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

One of the many factors that has brought success to us at Mango Tours is the many airline contracts that we hold. In April 0f 2008 we were appointed by Hawaiian Airlines to facilitate their debut in the Philippine travel market.

This appointment was particularly important since Hawaiian Airlines is a U.S.-based carrier and the fact that Mango Tours was one of the few chosen to be their consolidator.


Happy 30th, Travelfast International!

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

In March of 2008, we celebrated a milestone of epic proportions with our 30th anniversary. President Carter was in office and Travelfast International started with one man who had a desk and a phone. The drive to succeed and the hunger that fueled years of hard work and giving back to the Filipino community grew over the decades to bring you the company you see today.

President and founder Johnny Francisco at the 30th anniversary party in San Francisco giving one of his many speeches to the audience in attendance.

Shown here again at the 30th anniversary party are (left to right) President Johnny Francisco, Philippine Airlines District Sales Manager Del Merano and Mango Tours Operations Manager Louis Rodrigo as they draw the 1st winner for the Mango Tours free round trip ticket raffle. A total of 6 tickets were given away during the year to celebrate our 30th birthday.

Happy 30th, Travelfast International!


Hello world!

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

In keeping up with the times... It is 2009 and we are proud to introduce the official Mango Tours blog page!

Please make yourself comfortable and cozy here as we keep you informed with updates about the industry, travel destinations, company news and just about anything that we think you all should know. And just like this mango, we promise to keep everything fresh and delicious!