Happy 30th, Travelfast International!

February 18, 2009 Mango Tours 0 Comments

In March of 2008, we celebrated a milestone of epic proportions with our 30th anniversary. President Carter was in office and Travelfast International started with one man who had a desk and a phone. The drive to succeed and the hunger that fueled years of hard work and giving back to the Filipino community grew over the decades to bring you the company you see today.

President and founder Johnny Francisco at the 30th anniversary party in San Francisco giving one of his many speeches to the audience in attendance.

Shown here again at the 30th anniversary party are (left to right) President Johnny Francisco, Philippine Airlines District Sales Manager Del Merano and Mango Tours Operations Manager Louis Rodrigo as they draw the 1st winner for the Mango Tours free round trip ticket raffle. A total of 6 tickets were given away during the year to celebrate our 30th birthday.

Happy 30th, Travelfast International!