Bicol, represent!

Attention all Bicolanos!

There has been some buzz about the anticipated boost in Bicol Region's tourism industry in the years to come. One of the reasons for this is the opening of the newly constructed luxury resort Raintree Misibis Bay just last December. Adding to this is the opening of the Embarcadero commercial and information technology complex at the Legazpi City port, which should also boost the region's economy as a whole.

The Bicol Region holds many interesting wonders that have yet to be discovered and written about. Gearing up to boost eco tourism with its world-class outdoor sports facilities, wildlife sanctuaries, unusual geogrpahical formations and pristine white sand beaches, this region holds many interesting wonders that can easily rival its regional counterparts.

above: map of the Bicol Region

Caramoan Peninsula (Camarines Sur)
Already coined as the Philippines' Secret Paradise, Caramoan attracted a lot of attention as a must-see destination just the past year, especially among the younger, more adventurous crowds. Its pristine white sand, lagoons and huge limestone rock formations give its visitors the impression that they have been cast away in an unspoiled paradise.

The increase in Caramoan’s volume of visitors in the recent years has led to the opening of more resorts and hostels, which cater to different demographics from backpackers, large groups and those looking for a luxurious and relaxing time by the ocean. Believed to be the Philippines’ next Boracay, it’s no surprise to anyone who’s been here that the beauty of this secret paradise won’t be kept secret for long.

Caramoan Peninsula by Raffy Yllana

CamSur Watersports Complex (Camarines Sur)
Catering to lovers of outdoor sports, this world-class watersports complex is located in the humble city of Pili, just 20 minutes from Naga City. The resort, which houses a 6-point cable system ideal for professional wakeboarders and waterskiiers, is well-known among watersports enthusiasts from around the world. International wakeboarding competi
tions are held here every year around July.

wakeboarding in the Philippines by Mervin L. Manalo

CamSur Watersports Complex through Jonathan de Guzman's candy colored Holga

Daet (Camarines Norte)
Bagasbas Beach in Daet has become popular among local surfers because of its relative proximity to Metro Manila. Just a few kilometers away from Daet, Bagasbas' beach break and sandy bottom makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced surfers. For more information about Bagasbas Beach's surf characteristics, click here.

above: surfing in Daet by Allen Andrade

Donsol (Albay)

This tourist-friendly destination an hour away from Legazpi City known for its whale shark watching tours, which is a must-do activity in the Bicol Region. Early morning trips can be booked with the Donsol Butanding Information Office. There are also tours of the Ogud River at night, where you can relax on a cruise and watch as fireflies flutter around.

Mayon Volcano (Albay)
Known for its perfect conical shape. Aside from the volcano being the perfect subject for sunset photography and sightseeing, it is also popular among mountaineers because of its challenging 1.5-day climb.

Where to Stay in Bicol
CamSur Watersports Complex offers a wide variety of accommodations at different price ranges. Villa del Rey, housed within the complex, offers villas, cabanas, containers, wood cabins, tiki huts and mansion suites to cater to every guest’s own liking and comfort.

Hotel Venezia, just a couple of minutes away from Legazpi airport, offers its guests a stunning view of Mayon Volcano. The laid-back ambience and superb facilities of this boutique hotel is surely

Raintree Misibis Bay
, a luxurious all-villa tropical resort off the shores of Legazpi City, will wow you with its extraordinary private pink coral beach and rich natural resources.

Getting to Bicol
There are many ways to get to the Bicol region, depending on the level of comfort and adventure that you’re willing to take on. Local airlines fly in and out of Naga City and Legazpi City daily. Buses leave from different stations in Metro Manila. These land trip normally take around 8-10 hours to get to Naga City. Luckily, most buses are equipped with their own bathrooms and La-Z-Boy seats for your comfort.

Let us guide you through your exploration of the Bicol Region. Book a flight home through us at Mango Tours (1-866-2-MANILA) and ask us about our special offers at Raintree Misibis Bay and Hotel Venezia!