COMING SOON: 2009 Philippine Tour Packages

Watch out for the Mango Tours' Philippine Tour Packages Brochure for 2009 --coming out soon on print and on the Web. To get a sneak peek at what's inside, here's a short description of what Mango Tours has in store for you this year:

More locations to choose from
The 2009 brochure offers new tour packages in beautiful and exciting locations, activities to cater to your every whim--whether it be cultural, adventurous or just plain relaxing, and of course, accommodations in the best hotels and resorts in the country.

Promoting ecotourism in the Philippines
New locations feature guest activities that focus on ecotourism, a form of tourism that advocates the preservation of culture, community participation and protection of natural resources.

Basically it's enjoying a visit to a beautiful tourist spot responsibly--by maintaining the very things that make it beautiful in the first place. This is, of course, part of an effort to help save our environment in our own little ways!

Road trips around Luzon
With the new Mango Tours van available for use, guests can avail of Road Trip Packages to various locations around Luzon, with stopovers at charming cafes and restaurants that offer sumptuous dining options, cultural and heritage tours as well as lifestyle activities like shopping and spa treatments.

Be sure to check back at the Mango Tours website for the release of our new Tour Packages!