Summer Feature: Best Excuses to Stay in the Water!

Yes, the summer heat this year is just unbelievable. But this kind of weather is definitely the most ideal for a trip to the beach--blue skies, clear water, soft white sand, total relaxation and partying with friends!

Here are a few water activities to top your beach experience--also known as the best excuses to stay in the water this summer!

1. Snorkeling
Snorkeling is by far the easiest way to marvel at the Philippines' diverse underwater ecosystems. It's also a great alternative if you're not really into the whole idea of plunging into the ocean's depths.

Snorkeling in Mactan by Storm Crypt

Almost every beach resort in this country offers snorkeling gear rentals (or even for free, if it's part of your tour package). Just ask your guest officer or marine sports guide, as well as how to get to the best snorkeling spots in your area.

2. Scuba Diving
Are you a licensed diver? Are you thrilled about exploring some of the most amazing coral reefs you'll ever see in the world?

Seasoned divers of the world include the Philippines in their list of best diving spots. Some favorite diving spots include Coron Island in Palawan, Tubbataha Reefs in the Sulu Sea and Apo Reef, just off the West coast of Mindoro.

Sulu Sea scuba diving by Netta Bank

Some resorts offer entry-level to professional courses so that you can get international accreditation for recreational scuba diving. Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) dive shops and instructors can usually be found in popular destinations, and is the largest dive training organization in the world.

3. Windsurfing
Similar to a combination of a sailboat and a surfboard, windsurfing combines both the ability to steer into different directions using the wind as well as freestyle moves like jumping and flipping over waves.

Windsurfing in Northern Mindanao by Michelle Lyles

There are several locations in the Philippines where you can go windsurfing like Boracay, Anilao, Lake Caliraya, Subic and Lake Taal, to name a few. Ideal months for sailing depends on the time of year when the drifts are strongest.

4. Banana Boat
If there's one group watersport that's a favorite among vacationers, it's definitely the Banana Boat. Basically it's you and your friends sitting astride an inflated banana while being tugged along the water by a speedboat. The highlight of the ride is when the speedboat makes a sharp turn, making the banana boaters fall into the water.

Boracay banana boat by Peanut Dela Cruz

5. Ocean Kayaking
The best way to take in the scenic view of islands is by getting around on an ocean kayak. Especially in Palawan, ocean kayaking gives you the opportunity of going around and in between islands to take in views of limestone cliffs and mangrove forests.

Beach resorts offer rentals of these water equipment on an hourly basis, sometimes even for a whole day. In some of our tour packages, however, you can avail of these for free and for an unlimited amount of time.

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