Enjoy our all-Korean $625 special!

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Fly Korean Air to MNL from LAX and back for as low as $625, all taxes included! Plus enjoy a layover at Incheon International Airport, ranked the world's best airport! Read our article about Korean Air's ultra-modern main hub here.

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Things to try at Incheon Int'l Airport, Korea

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Waiting several hours for your connecting flight can be a real drag. At Incheon International Airport (ICN), however, you might be surprised at how time flies over here with the endless list of activities that you can choose from!

In our previous article, we focused on how ICN, also a main hub for Korean Air, has undoubtedly been ranked as the world's best airport. Its world-class amenities and entertainment options for passengers will truly redefine a typical layover experience.

Aside from its awe-inspiring modern interior, excellent service and its computer and wifi areas being a "geek paradise" ICN also holds many options for the shopaholic, food enthusiast and spa junkie in you!

Here are some things that you definitely shouldn't miss:
  1. Beef meals at Beok Je Kalbi
  2. Noodles at Jang Teo Gook Su
  3. Bulgogi burger at Lotteria & Burger King
  4. Basement sauna
  5. Shop for BB creams (a Korean wonder blemish balm cream and a very hard-to-find product in the US, also perfect for Asian skin)
  6. Good-priced signature products like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc.
For more information, visit ICN's website.


Tune in to the Mango Tours Channel

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With our new Youtube Channel, you can never miss out on our travel deals and tips!

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And if you're much like that passionate traveler who is always searching for new experiences in new locations, prepare to be awed by our Philippine travel specials as well as travel to places beyond the Philippines in Mango Tours Special: Waikiki, Hawaii and Best of the Philippines: Swimming with whale sharks in Bicol.

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Mango Tours goes green!

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We're doing our part in contributing to the preservation of our country's natural wonders and unique culture--by promoting ecotourism destinations.

Join us in our advocacy as we tackle the importance of supporting green initiatives in tourism today, before it's too late.


In order to help protect the environment, especially the Philippines' natural wonders and resources, Mango Tours has launched its Green initiative--a site that is dedicated to promoting tours and destinations that focus on ecotourism, a form of tourism that is responsible, with minimal impact to the environment, and where the natural beauty of a destination is preserved and protected by its community and local/provincial government.

It is in this site that you'll find the conservation efforts of El Nido resorts in Palawan, certain famous sites in the Philippines that we bet you didn't know where actually UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the value of caring for the environment and protecting our very unique Filipino culture.

Visit our Green initiative at www.mangotours.com/green. To book a tour, simply call our 24/7 US toll-free number 1-866-2-MANILA.


We're about to go green!

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Tune in to our travel segment on Balitang America (The Filipino Channel) this Monday, July 13, 2009, at 5:30PM PST.

Join us as we introduce our green campaign!


Experience Jeepney Tours: 8 unique experiences

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Explore the Philippines in a jeepney, also known locally as the King of the Road!

A product of Filipino ingenuity, the idea for the Philippine jeepney was derived from the G.I. jeeps left by American soldiers after World War II. It had the powerful engine of an army jeep, but with a remodeled body that has been topped with a metal roof, painted with vibrant colors and decorated with bright chrome hood ornaments. Over the years, the jeepney has emerged as a popular mode of transportation for most Filipinos and has become an enduring symbol of Filipino pop culture.

Mango Tours' Experience Jeepney Tours offers its guests an informative way to experience the city and the countryside by taking them to attractions that are uniquely Filipino. Our air-conditioned jeepneys, equipped with a MagicSing videoke system, a cooler and a tour guide dressed in a traditional Filipino baro't saya, will definitely enrich your experience of Philippine culture!

You can choose from eight (8) different tours, each focusing on a unique Filipino experience:

Intramuros: Heritage Tour
Metro Manila is the urban capital of the Philippines. Comprised of several bustling cities, it is the country's bastion of modernity and cosmopolitan appeal. Located in the heart of Manila is the medieval town of Intramuros, originally the capital of the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. It is the best place to view Spanish colonial architecture that was built in 1571.

Itinerary: 8:00AM pick-up at hotel or Mango Tours office, running tour of SM Mall of Asia, CCP Complex, Harbour Square and Rizal Park, Light and Sound Museum, San Agustin Church and Museum, Fort Santiago, shopping at Mananzan Handicrafts and lunch at Barbara's, 1:00PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Intramuros: Golf Tour
Intramuros, or the “walled city”, has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from its cultural and historical attractions, Intramuros also offers another leisure option for travelers who want to unwind for a few hours--golf. Experience golfing in the Philippines, where caddies are present on all courses, ready to assist you and give you advice on the play.

Itinerary: (Intramuros Golf Tour) 8:00AM pick-up at hotel or Mango Tours office, running tour of SM Mall of Asia, CCP Complex to Roxas Boulevard, 1:30PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office. (The Fort Golf Tour) 8:45AM pick-up at hotel or Mango Tours office, 1:30PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Sunset Dinner Cruise
Manila Bay is known for its captivating sunsets. Locals and tourists are known to hang out and spend their lazy afternoons by the bay along the historical Roxas Boulevard. It’s truly a fascinating treat, however, to experience the sunset on a dinner cruise. Different wines and beverages will be served as guests enjoy the sea breeze of the cool night.

Itinerary: 12:00PM pick-up time from hotel or Mango Tours office, running tour of SM Mall of Asia, CCP Complex, Harbour Square and Rizal Park, Light and Sound Museum, Fort Santiago, Shopping for souvenirs at Mananzan Handicrafts, San Agustin Church Museum, Sunset dinner cruise departure from Harbour Square, 7:45PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Spa and Shopping Spree
Travelers can indulge in purely pleasurable activities as they treat themselves to one fine day in Manila--one of the greatest spa and shopping destinations in Asia. From power-spending down to flea market bargaining, one will never run out of options in this shopper’s paradise! Tourists can pamper their bodies after a day of shopping as they unwind and get a spa treatment amidst a relaxing atmosphere.

Itinerary: 8:30AM pick-up time at hotel or Mango Tours office, shopping tour at Greenhills, buffet lunch at Kamayan Restaurant, Market! Market! shopping tour, full body reflexology massage at NEO Spa or NEO signature foot spa, 6:00PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Pampanga: Ultra-Light Flying
Just a short distance north of Manila is the charming province of Pampanga. Experience 10 minutes of flight rides with a licensed instructor at Angeles City Flying Club. Get a taste of gourmet Kapampangan dishes and delicacies at the unique atmosphere of Abe’s Farm at the foot of Mt. Arayat. End your eventful day with a soothing massage from the healing hands of Nurture Spa.

Itinerary: 7:30AM pick-up time at hotel or Mango Tours office, Nayong Pilipino in Clark, Ultra-Light flying experience at Angeles City Flying Club, Filipino lunch at Abe's Farm, tour of Abe's Farm and Nurture Spa Village, Hilot Kapampangan Massage, shopping for Kapampangan delicacies, 6:00PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Pampanga: Culinary Tour
Pampanga is a haven for people who want to experience the leisurely pace of the countryside. The Pampanga Culinary Museum showcases the Kapampangan’s passion for food and cooking. Abe’s Farm serves gourmet dishes and delicacies to its guests. Pamper yourself at Nurture Spa with oriental treatments to reinvigorate the body.

Itinerary: 7:00AM pick-up time from hotel or Mango Tours office, Kapampangan breakfast and gallery tour at Kamalig Restaurant, tour of Culinary Museum, Tour of Abe's FarmNurture Spa Village, Hilot Kapampangan massage at Nurture Spa, cooking demo at Abe's Farm (for big groups only), Kapampangan lunch at Abe's Farm, shopping for Kapampangan sweet delicacies, 5:30PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours.

Quezon: Culinary Tour
Embark on a day’s journey to enjoy the countryside and experience the unique hospitality only Filipinos can share. Journey with us through charming country inns, off-the-beaten-path cafes and inspiring artists’ studios. Tour highlights include antique galleries, works of sculptor Carlito Ortega, sumptuous classic Filipino lunch at Kusina Salud, workshop of ceramics artist Ugu Bigyan and an extraordinary experience of a Tagayan Ritual.

Itinerary: 7:00AM pick-up from hotel or Mango Tours office, morning snack and gallery tour at Sulyap Cafe, demo and interaction at Carlito's Workshop, lunch and cooking demo at Kusina Salud, afternoon snack and Tagayan Ritual at Ugu Bigyan's pottery garden, 7:00PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Tagaytay Wellness Tour
A scenic drive to Tagaytay will treat you to sights of pineapple plantations, colorful fruit stands, flowers in bloom, ridges and mountains swathed in green and a breathtaking view of Taal volcano. Have lunch at Sonya’s English Garden where a delectable array of healthy food is served. Explore the honeybee farm and its many unique products. Get a relaxing spa treatment overlooking the volcano at Nurture Spa.

Itinerary: 8:00AM pick-up time at hotel or Mango Tours office, sightseeing at Taal Volcano view site, garden lunch buffet at Sonya's Garden, tour of Sonya's Bed & Breakfast, Honey Bee Farm visit and shopping, spa treatment at Nurture Spa, 7:30PM expected time of arrival at hotel or Mango Tours office.

Read about our Jeepney Tour around the medieval city of Intramuros! Click here to view article.

Book a Jeepney Tour today and prepare to be wowed by the Philippines' unique and extraordinary culture! For bookings and inquiries, call our 24/7 US toll-free number 1-866-2-MANILA.


Jeepney Tours Special: A Look Inside Intramuros

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Jeepney Tours

Going on a Jeepney Tour is like a comprehensive run-through of Philippine History. Except that, of course, it's a hundred times more fun than the class you had back in elementary. Here's why:

Aboard the jeepney with the tour facilitator

Each air-conditioned jeepney can seat 20-30 passengers and is equipped with a tour facilitator, a cooler to store sodas and beer and best of all, a Wow Magic Sing videoke system with 2 duet wireless microphones! What better way to pass the time in Manila traffic and long provincial trips than belting out lyrics to your favorite Charice Pempenco song, right?

Intramuros turret by lorliw

Our jeepney tour took us on a historical and cultural tour around Intramuros, known as the Old Manila. One amazing thing about this destination is that the moment you enter its stick stone walls, you are immediately transported back to the Philippines during its Spanish colorial era. It is, after all, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world.

A merging of old and new: looking out from
Intramuros' medieval stone walls by

Our first stop was at the Light and Sound Museum, which contains statues and dioramas that chronicle the Filipino people's pursuit for freedom from the Spanish rule--from the time that Lapu-Lapu slayed Magellan, up to Jose Rizal's execution at Bagumbayan. The dioramas are accompanied by video clips projected onto walls and various lighting techniques to match the mood of a particular scene.

Kept in the dark: the Filipino people's 300-year
struggle under Spanish rule

It's certainly an entertaining and easy way for outsiders to understand Philippine history--the Filipino people's hardships and triumphs and the culture that resulted from it. For those who were born and raised here such as myself, however, it offered a deeper understanding of my identity as a Filipino. The tour definitely strengthened my sense of patriotism.

For lunch, our jeepney brought us to Barbara's, a fine-dining restaurant whose culinary offerings are mainly Filipino and Spanish dishes. Located on the second floor of the Plaza San Luis Complex (overlooking a beautiful courtyard), Barbara's is the way you would imagine a wealthy Spanish-Filipino resthouse in the 1500s to look. We helped ourselves to a sumptuous Filipino buffet and ate while being serenaded by a string quartet.

At Barbara's sumptuous buffet, featuring
the dessert table by
Earl E. Francisco

Passengers of the Intramuros jeepney tour can also opt to take a running tour of SM Mall of Asia, CCP Complex, Harbour Square and Rizal Park. They will also be toured around Fort Santiago and taken for a brief souvenir shopping trip to Mananzan Handicrafts store.

Where the arts thrive: Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) by Francis Aquino

Experience Jeepney Tours has a total of 8 tour packages, each with a distinct experience and set of attractions. The tours offer a wide range of experiences, from a cultural and historical tour around Intramuros, a golf tour in the middle of the city, a culinary journey to Quezon, flying adventure in Pamapanga, bargain shopping at Greenhillsand a relaxing massage at a spa. Jeepney Tours does scheduled pick-ups at the hotel where you're staying or at the Mango Tours office on H.V. Dela Costa St., Makati.

Click on the image below to view our Experience Jeepney Tours packages.
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For more information and inquiries about our Experience Jeepney Tours packages, call us at Mango Tours through our 24/7 US toll-free number 1-866-2-MANILA.