Balitang America travel segment: Flying Premier Class

For most, the front cabin or upper deck of the large 747 aircraft is as taboo as eating rattlesnake. But for the few that can afford and see the value of flying business class, it soon becomes the benchmark. In our industry of international transpacific flying, an economy seat is expensive enough let alone a business class fare so that most people will never even consider flying business or premier class.

In our most recent travel segment on Balitang America, we were fortunate enough to have exclusive access to the new refurbished business class cabin of Philippine Airlines. Gone is the old and outdated first class and business class seats; they have been transformed into the modern translation of flying luxury. One only has to sit in the new seats to experience the side of flying that is not dreadful, cramped, and leaves you with that "stiff neck" feeling.

Besides the larger seating area, fine dining and more legroom, there are other perks that come with flying premier class; many of which are even before you get on the plane. When flying internationally most know you have to arrive at the airport 3 hours before your departure time and wait in the long line of other travelers. When flying business class, there is an exclusive line that has short wait times if any, which enable you to arrive at the airport much later, giving you time to pack and get your things in order. The airline lounges (eg. Mabuhay Lounge, Philippine Airlines) serve as the mecca of waiting areas while the plane boards while you satisfy your taste buds to delectable snacks and a healthy stocked bar, if that's your cup of tea.

Watch our travel segment on Balitang America to see more benefits of luxury travel and to see the new Mabuhay Class of Philippine Airlines: