The perfect travel solution is now within reach

January 29, 2010 Mango Tours 0 Comments

To provide a low-cost answer to customers traveling to the Philippines, Mango Tours has come up with the perfect solution from over-spending on travel expenses. The ‘Balik-Bayan’ Special Package is specifically designed for travelers coming from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas to Manila.

This package includes airfare via Philippine Airlines, a two-night accommodation at a luxury hotel (1) of their choice with daily breakfast and one-way airport transfer. For a very low price - starting from $899.00 (2) - this package would also include taxes and fuel surcharges.

Therefore, if you are planning that long delayed trip to the Philippines, Mango Tours is the name you can trust to provide you the best deals and most comprehensive travel packages that would not put a dent on your budget.

For more information and details on tour conditions please visit our website at, call our toll-free number at 1-866-2-MANILA or visit any of our eleven branches in California.

(1) Hotels to choose from: Heritage Hotel, Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, Intercontinental Hotel, Dusit Thani, Traders Hotel, Discovery Suites, EDSA Shangri-la and Peninsula Manila Hotel.

(2) valid only for 2 mo. stay, from January 16 to March 15, 2010 confirmed booking, promo rate is per person based on double occupancy and different rates apply for departures from LAS. For other details and tour conditions please visit:


Achieving Business Leadership in the Travel Industry

January 27, 2010 Mango Tours 1 Comments

Mango Tours' helmsman and the driving force behind the company's success, Mr. Juan "Johnny" Francisco, has added another notch to his illustrious career by being named by VIA Times News Magazine to its Chicago Hall of Fame list for his exemplary business acumen.

Likewise, as further proof of Mr. Francisco's committment to his customers and clients, he has ensured their confidence on Mango Tour's products and services as a registered member of the Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation, providing them security from any transaction they have entered into.

Below is an excerpt of the article in the said newsmagazine:

"A very well-known and established Filipino businessman in the travel industry, both here in the United States and abroad, is Juan (Johnny) Francisco, Jr. He founded Travelfast International, Inc. in 1978 in San Francisco, which became the only Filipino-operated airline consolidator for Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and the Philippine Airlines servicing major airports of origins from the US to key Philippine cities and most of Asian city destinations. This travel business is the only Filipino accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Philippine Tour Operators Association in the Philippines. It maintains and operates its own dynamic booking engine for both air and hotel segments of the travel. It also powers the Philippine DOT's website among others.

Born with entrepreneurial talent, Johnny started his stint as a management trainee at the San Miguel Corporation in 1975. He stayed with the company briefly, did resign, and founded the St. John Traders in Makati City in 1976. This company exported abaca wall covering to the USA. In the midst of unpalatable political and economic conditions in the Philippines at that time, Johnny moved to the US in 1978 and started his own travel business. Within a short period of time, Johnny was able to gain an appointment of an airline consolidator from several US-based airline companies that service the US-Manila traffic.

With the success of Travelfast International, Johnny organized Mango Tours, Inc. as a tour operator that sells outbound tours to the Philippines. In 2002, Mango Tours Philippines became the arms that supplement the tour operation of the travel business. A TFI Call Center and a Team of Information Systems and Development experts were created to provide support in sustaining the operation and the overwhelming volume of inbound calls. At this time, Travelfast International maintains various websites for its clients:,,,,, among others.

Johnny's success in business is centered in his philosophical belief, which he states, " doing your best to succeed, and designing your own product can only take you so far. In business and in life, what is most important is building your credibility in the community and honesty to yourself.""

You can find the full-article at the VIA Times website here.


Mango Tours fulfills the need for bargain and hassle-free travel

January 19, 2010 Mango Tours 0 Comments

We all know how it is to scrimp and take belt-tightening measures in the face of the recent economic slump. Hence, more travelers are inclined to be more careful in planning their trips. It has been a trend therefore, in recent years, where more people looking for the best deals are inclined to search for them in cyberspace.

Those requiring affordable travel options have been using the internet as a vehicle for getting their trips organized with the least hassles. Finding the best options online has become, for most, the cheapest way to save on travel.

To emphasize, a quick visit to the Mango Tours website shows the best deals available online to the Philippines where flights may start from a very low fare of $664.00 with its new partner Air China. And, as for tour packages, Mango Tours offers a 'Triple Treat' package in partnership with China Airlines, inclusive of hotel or resort nights in either Taiwan or Manila and city tours starting at $808.00. Great deals and fares are also available with Philippine Airlines, Asiana Airlines and eight other airlines Mango Tours has consolidator contracts with.

The Philippines has experienced a steady increase in tourist arrivals which jumped 16.5% in the first half of 2009 as compared to the previous year as reported by the Department of Tourism. This is testament to the fact that, in spite of the economic downturn of recent years, travel via online bookings has never enjoyed a thriving community as today.

So if you are considering a trip abroad for a vacation or just to simply enjoy the company of your loved ones back home, do not be discouraged by the economic doldrums, because online sites such as are excellent portals for the discerning, but budget-conscious traveler.


Air China appoints Mango Tours as official Travel Consolidator

January 17, 2010 Mango Tours 1 Comments

Mango Tours, in its commitment to provide affordable and the most competitive travel deals around, has once again added to its list of official carrier partners as Air China appoints us as its newest travel consolidator.

This is good news indeed, because starting March 28, 2010 Air China will now fly from San Francisco to Manila! And in celebration of this milestone, Air China has come up with a special promotion rate for this particular route for round-trip tickets issued on or before January 31, 2010. So hurry and take advantage of this limited time offer by visiting one of our ten branches or by simply booking your flight via

Now passengers from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and New York can fly to the Philippines via Beijing. Take advantage of the free stopover in Beijing and fly to two Asian cities. We offer convenient connecting times for a smooth and comfortable journey. Contact Mango Tours toll-free at 1-866-2-MANILA and ask about our special discount fares, or call the Air China Call Center at 1-800-882-8122.

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Looking to beat those stopover blues? Asiana Airlines has a solution!

January 13, 2010 Mango Tours 0 Comments

Travelers can take advantage of Asiana Airlines promo and get rid of the dreaded stopover blues - for free! All round-trip passengers departing San Francisco (SFO) traveling to various destinations via Incheon will receive either a complementary half-day city tour or day-use hotel.

This is valid for passengers whose stopovers are from 6 to 24 hours.

For the half day city tour, the itinerary would include visits to the Blue House (presidential office), Kyungbokgoong Palace and the Jokyesa Temple to be capped off by shopping at the Itaewon area.*

*schedule may be subject to change without notice

Do check out the details of this latest promo at our website by visiting this link:

With Mango Tours, booking your trip has never been made easier.

Happy traveling everyone!


Travel and the Year of the Tiger

January 05, 2010 Mango Tours 0 Comments

As we wind up the decade of the new millennia, the world has never been as convenient as and more accessible than now. This has, of course, been a boon to travelers from all walks of life as one can literally be at one end of the world but still be in touch with family and loved ones from the opposite end of the globe.

This Year of the Tiger promises to be a stronger year in travel, where it is guaranteed that there would be more available options to more people. Visitors can be assured of a brighter future in travel and tourism as can be proven by the multitude of choices and alternatives easily available to them. Therefore, let us greet the New Year with excitement and promise as only our memorable journeys can provide us.