Mango Tours fulfills the need for bargain and hassle-free travel

We all know how it is to scrimp and take belt-tightening measures in the face of the recent economic slump. Hence, more travelers are inclined to be more careful in planning their trips. It has been a trend therefore, in recent years, where more people looking for the best deals are inclined to search for them in cyberspace.

Those requiring affordable travel options have been using the internet as a vehicle for getting their trips organized with the least hassles. Finding the best options online has become, for most, the cheapest way to save on travel.

To emphasize, a quick visit to the Mango Tours website shows the best deals available online to the Philippines where flights may start from a very low fare of $664.00 with its new partner Air China. And, as for tour packages, Mango Tours offers a 'Triple Treat' package in partnership with China Airlines, inclusive of hotel or resort nights in either Taiwan or Manila and city tours starting at $808.00. Great deals and fares are also available with Philippine Airlines, Asiana Airlines and eight other airlines Mango Tours has consolidator contracts with.

The Philippines has experienced a steady increase in tourist arrivals which jumped 16.5% in the first half of 2009 as compared to the previous year as reported by the Department of Tourism. This is testament to the fact that, in spite of the economic downturn of recent years, travel via online bookings has never enjoyed a thriving community as today.

So if you are considering a trip abroad for a vacation or just to simply enjoy the company of your loved ones back home, do not be discouraged by the economic doldrums, because online sites such as are excellent portals for the discerning, but budget-conscious traveler.