Savor the Best of Filipino dishes at Tagaytay's Pamana Restaurant

By: Teresa Gomez

The Panama restaurant offers delectable dishes that every Pinoy-food lover would crave for. Because of the restaurant’s style and design, it easily captures the eyes and hearts of its customers. It also features unique souvenirs that can be purchased so the customers would have a fond recollection of their visit. The restaurant offers delicious Filipino dishes from usual fare such as Kare-Kare and Laing, but also their popular specialties such as 'Chicken Binakol, Tinuktok and their famous Three-Way Adobo.'
What also sets the restaurant apart from the other dining places in Tagaytay is the Pamana’s photo gallery which features Filipino historical and cultural icons, giving a nostalgic aura to the place. The primary the reason why people continuously patronize the Pamana restaurant is because it hosts a friendly atmosphere for the appetite and for cultural palate as well.

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Photos by Teresa Luzon Gomez