A New Branch to open in West Covina, CA this July!

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Come and celebrate with us as we open a new branch!

Our West Covina branch in California will open on July 14, 2010, located inside PNB Remittance Centers Inc.

We are proud of the this addition to the Mango Tours family as our West Covina branch will soon rise to serve our valued Filipino-American customers better and in more locations.

What then would be more fitting than to commemorate these events by inviting you to join our raffle draw and have a chance to win a free roundtrip ticket to Manila! You can participate in this promo by visiting our new West Covina branch on its opening day onwards. One customer from our newly opened branch who fill out raffle coupons and/or purchase tickets to our newest branch are entitled to win.

Below are the mechanics:

• Customers who will visit the branch starting from July 14, 2010 to September 14, 2010
• Customers who will purchase tickets from the branch from July 14, 2010 to February 14, 2011

For our Mango Tours customers in the San Jose area, we are pleased to announce that we are also having ANOTHER free roundtrip ticket raffle in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of our San Jose Branch. Watch out for more details soon!
For more details, visit Mango Tours at www.mangotours.com

Lucban, Quezon's Sacred Paradise: Kamay ni Hesus

June 23, 2010 Mango Tours 0 Comments

By: Teresa Gomez

At the heart of Lucban, Quezon resides a peaceful and sacred garden called Kamay ni Hesus. This 5-hectare garden will make you experience heaven on earth with its cool, bright and solemn atmosphere. A sublime structure is the gigantic statue of Jesus standing at the top of the towering shrine along the highway towards Kamay ni Hesus.

Lucban, Quezon is a popular pilgrimage site. Pilgrims and ordinary people from different places come and visit the place not only for its beautiful and sacred garden but also because of its church where miraculous healing masses are celebrated.

Every healing mass is filled with faith and love. The church’s healing priest, Fr. Joey Faller, is testament to the devotion of the faith of the shrine’s pilgrims.

Before climbing the towering shine of Kamay ni Hesus, stroll around the sacred garden first so that when you reach the top, you will be able to compare the view from below. The garden has a very interesting theme, since it doesn’t just make people appreciate the place’s beauty, but, it also wants its visitors to understand the story it tells. The garden is home to parables of the Old Testament, bringing visitors to places like the Garden of Eden, where the fist man Adam and his wife Eve lived after God created them to the famous Ark of Noah.

Don’t forget to eat enough food before wandering around the garden of Kamay ni Hesus especially if you are planning to climb up its almost 300-step divine shrine. They have a canteen located inside Kamay ni Hesus compound where visitors are welcome to eat. The canteen serves Lucban’s famous and delicious pancit habhab and other delectable dishes such as sisig, chopsuey, fried chicken, fried lapu-lapu and many others.
Climbing the shrine is a must, especially for those who are regular devotees to Kamay ni Hesus. People who climb there believe that whenever you reach the top of the shrine, any wish made, before climbing, will come true. They also believe that by reaching the top of the shrine, you will be much closer to Jesus and He will heal the sickness and pain that you feel.
If you are planning to climb Kamay ni Hesus shrine, keep in mind the following reminders:
· Wear Comfortable clothes. Shorts and sleeveless shirts are prohibited.
· Bring a hat to prevent direct heat of the sun and water for dehydration
· Make a wish before climbing the shrine

Halfway towards the top of the heavenly shrine, you can see the entire place of Kamay ni Hesus which is fondly heartbreaking because of its beauty.

As you climb the shrine, you will notice that it tells the story of the Way of the Cross, from Jesus having His Last Supper with the apostles up towards His holy death and Him rising from it.

Interview with Fr. Joey Faller, the healing priest.

Lucban’s famous longanisa for only P140 per bundle (long) and P70 per bundle (small).

On your way back to Manila, you may pass along several horsemen wearing their native hats and colorful shirts. Lucban, Quezon is a lovely place to visit and the people living there are very hospitable and friendly.

Mango Tours: Giving only the finest accommodations!

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Mango Tours invites you to come and visit Manila with its Balik Bayan ‘3 Days/2 Nights Hotel Packages’ that provide upscale accommodations and service at the most affordable prices.

We have made it a point to partner with the biggest names in the hotel industry whose properties are conveniently located in the heart of Philippines’ Central Business Districts (Makati, Ortigas and Manila).

Included in our luxury hotel list are Dusit Thani Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Diamond Hotel and Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel.


* Two-nights accommodation
* Daily breakfast
* One way airport transfer
* Taxes and service charge

Prices are per person based on double occupancy and are subject to change without prior notice. Rates may vary depending on check-in date and valid until March 31, 2011.

For more details and room reservations, call our toll free number 1-866-2-MANILA.

Antipolo's hidden paradise: Crescent Moon Café and Pottery

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In the heart of Antipolo lies a hidden paradise known to its regular denizens as the Crescent Moon Café and Pottery, owned and managed by Lanelle Abueva-Fernado. The Asian inspired place has a charm that both delights and captivates those looking for a good place to eat and buy pottery known for their unique characteristics and designs.

Dishes that are served in Crescent Moon are inspired by the delightful flavors of Asian cuisine. To name a few, are their signature appetizer, Nium Kum, and their famous Suman matched with fresh mango. Nium Kum is a Thai dish that is made up with alagao leaves with stuffing consisting of peanut sauce, mango, green chili, onion, ginger, dried coconut, shrimp and basil. This delicious appetizer has a unique sweet and salty taste.

Two of the main dishes served in Crescent Moon Café are their tasty Thai noodles and Roast beef. You’ll be surprised with the flavorful crunchiness of the noodles matched with the simple yet tasty roast beef.

Crescent Moon Café is known for its pottery. Different designs are available for sale. Beside the café lies the Studio Pottery owned and managed by Lanelle Abueva-Fernando. The most interesting part of the studio pottery is their P200 per kilo sale where you can just weigh in your purchase and get to take home these original earthenware for a bargain.

Watching how the potteries are made makes them more interesting. You can watch how these are molded, glazed, fired, and retouched to perfection. Pots are then stored in a hot vault for a minimum time of 12 hours to dry.

Some of Crescent Moon’s colorful and distinct potteries that are for sale.

They have variety of potteries you can buy. From different sizes of plates to cups and kitchenwares with interesting designs.

Crescent Moon does not only serve good food and artistic potteries. They also have a lovely garden waiting outside the pottery and café. The small ponds with Koi fish are so much fun to feed because they swim as if they are dancing for joy whenever you feed at them. The most interesting part of feeding the kois is you can actually feed the fish with your palm - it’s a magical feeling.

Crescent Moon’s Café and Pottery has a garden with lovely creatures in it such as butterflies, turtles and Koi.

photos by : Teresa Luzon Gomez

Current Airfare to Manila (as of June 14, 2010)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates are correct at time of release, includes all taxes, and are subject to the following: Change without notice, availability, ticketing deadlines, blackout dates and travel dates.

For more information please visit www.mangotours.com and avail of our affordable travel deals!

Experience the Utopian feeling in Palawan

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Palawan has a lot of picturesque sites that are found nowhere else in the world. It is one of the Philippines’ best attractions known for its rich ecotourism destinations and is considered as a utopic place to many tourists.

People continuously come and enjoy the beauty of Palawan because of its unspoiled beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, dive sites and many other tourist attractions. It showcases variety of untouched wonder of nature that will surely captivate every person’s heart. Palawan is place full of good surprises that makes it a playground for the adventurous ones and a paradise for those who are looking for relaxing and heaven-like place.

Some of the famous activities done in Palawan include scuba diving, spa treatment, kayaking, snorkeling and biking. So if you want to experience the utopic feeling in Palawan, Mango Tours’ Balik Bayan Packages is perfect for you. Up to 3 nights stay in Palawan with non-stop exciting activities that will surely leave you wanting for more.

For more of Palawan package and other Balik Bayan Packages, call our toll free number 1-866-2-MANILA or by visiting:http://mangotours.com/vacation-packages-philippines.html.

Taste the World at Oceana Restaurant

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By: Teresa Gomez

If you want to taste the world’s finest food, Oceana is the place to be. This CCA’s (Center for Culinary Arts) world-class restaurant is not only home to a multitude of meals; it is also a venue where chefs and their students collaborate with their ideas to provide exquisite cuisine.

One of the culinary arts programs that Oceana offers is the 6-month Fast Track-Pro Chef Program----created for career shifters, culinary and restaurateur enthusiasts, who will get the opportunity to learn theories about cooking and put it into practice in the restaurant itself. Oceana is located at the plush hub of Seaside Boulevard within the vivacious SM Mall of Asia complex.

Oceana’s bright and airy atmosphere is so relaxing. It has a beautiful wooden crafted white wall, serene light bulbs in the ceiling, and low-key music - creating the perfect ambiance. These features exude a very appetizing and a very positive energy towards its guests and diners. Aside from the inviting aura of the restaurant, everyone can have the pleasure of seeing a picturesque view of the Manila Bay while eating at Oceana.

Oceana restaurant is also a place for celebrations. It is a perfect venue for different social and corporate events such as wedding receptions since their facilities are fully-equipped with beautiful architectural designs that suit the idea for perfect gatherings.

Oceana’s menu offers different tastes from different parts of the world. Some of the delectable dishes and luscious desserts include the favorite’s Seafood Buffet, and the award-winning Bibingka Souffle and Turon ala Mode.

actual photos by: Teresa Luzon Gomez

Current Airfare to Manila (as of June 05, 2010)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates are correct at time of release, includes all taxes, and are subject to the following: Change without notice, availability, ticketing deadlines, blackout dates and travel dates.

For more information please visit www.mangotours.com and avail of our affordable travel deals!

The time to rediscover Subic is Now!

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The time to enjoy Subic in all its wonder has come! We now have a chance to reminisce in the historical importance found in the Subic area or simply discover the beauty of Subic in all its modern glory. Be able to go on rolling tours of the Subic area and be part of a Tree Top Adventure, as well as experience its vibrant nightlife which only Subic can offer.

For only $1599.00 (airfare included) our Filipino-American friends can avail of the new Subic Bay Package complete with the sights, sounds and attractions that has made it a leading destination in the Philippines.The minimum of this package is for two persons. Promo period is from August 11 to November 06, 2010 and January 12, 2011 to March 15, 2011. The surcharge applies on any travel dates.

Rates are good for a 30-day stay, valid for weekend and weekday departure. There will be common airfare from San Francisco/Los Angeles/Las Vegas to Manila. Rate is valid till March 15, 2011. For more details and information, please visit www.mangotours.com.