The basic techniques of capturing picture perfect shots using your digital camera

By: Teresa Gomez

Traveling is not complete without having a camera. It becomes our companion whenever we go on a trip. It allows us to capture the moments we spend on a particular destination and leave us memories that we will heartily treasure for the rest of our lives. There are a lot of wondrous places we can see and capture using this device. One important thing to know is that, you don’t need to hire photographers or hassle yourself anymore whenever you want to take satisfying photographs because learning these basic techniques will make you realize that taking photos are really not that complicated and confusing.

There are different scenes that need different techniques:

People shots

The common mistake:

· Not knowing the perfect position before capturing the shots.

What you can do:

· Prepare your shot. Before pressing the shutter release, try to experiment on focusing different angles because this will allow you to capture photos on a higher level.

· Move your subjects closer. Moving your subjects closer will help you focus on their right angles. Avoid cutting their body parts especially their heads since it will result on an unpleasant photo.

· Be creative. Always strive for something unusual yet very pleasing photos. This will help you appreciate photos beyond what you capture.


The common mistake:

· Just snapping the usual shots as everyone else does without thinking the right shooting.

What you can do:

· Move yourself from the crowd. Most of the time, capturing a landmark need not to have people in it. As much as possible, move yourself from the crowd before taking a shot since it will let your camera focus on the landmark and not on other distracting elements.

· Move closer to the landmark. If you are planning to shoot a towering building, move closer to it and arrange your camera with a perfect angle. This will allow your camera to capture the loftiness of your subject and will give you dramatic result.

Sunset Scenario

The common mistake:

· Confused whether to use or not to use flash.

What you can do:

· Turn off the flash. You don’t need to activate the “night flash” setting since it will only focus on other addling elements and not on your main subject. Turning off the flash will capture perfectly the rich orange light of the horizon.

Night Photos

The common mistake:

· Not giving yourself enough time to focus.

What you can do:

· Plan your photographs before you shoot. Studying the place first before you shoot will definitely help you find the right angles and lightning.

· Bring a tripod. This device will allow you to shoot photos in a stable way since most cameras when taking photos at night tend to have sensitive effect on shaking, resulting on blurry shots. Activating the “anti-shake” settings will also help you prevent this event to happen.

· Turning off the flash will give way to spectacular city lights. Capturing the city lights has always been one of the favorites. Turning off the flash will help you capture a dramatically beautiful scene and all you need to do is find the right angle.

So the next time you travel, make sure to learn all these helpful techniques on capturing picture perfect photos by your own digital camera. We at Mango Tours believe that we are all photographers, we are capable to immortalizing our memories through capturing it. All we have to do is to learn, focus, and be creative.