Mango Tours: Korean Air announces the final production of its A380 aircraft

Referred to as America’s largest airline flying to Asia, Korean Air, with its dedication to further develop outstanding travel services, announces the final production of its very own A380 aircraft to be delivered in May next year. This aircraft is believed to give a big difference to every passenger granting them only the most comfortable and finest travel experience.

With its reduced seating formation, Korean Air’s A380 aircraft is designed to increase cabin space which will offer customers a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience. Korean Air will be the first airline in Asia to use this double-decker aircraft on transpacific routes. This aircraft is expected to be equipped with 400 to 450 seats, making it the most capacious A380 compared to other aircrafts.

The airline ordered a total of ten (10) A380 aircrafts including the one that will be delivered in May and expected to be completed by the year 2012 to 2014. Numerous passengers from China, Japan, and East Asia going to the United States and Europe will be the first commuters to benefit from Korean Air’s A380 aircraft adaptation.

The airline will operate the aircraft for both long-haul and short-haul routes. The short haul-routes will first operate to major cities in Japan and East Asia. On the other hand, the A380 will be servicing Korean Air's long-haul routes to the United States and Europe starting August of the year 2011.

The A380, being the largest commercial passenger aircraft, has an enhanced engine efficiency using only the composite materials to lessen its fuel consumption by 15% and CO2 emission by 20% helping Korean Air to achieve its environmental protection commitment. This announcement will provide both its passenger and the environment the treatment they deserve resulting to a more enjoyable and earth-friendly travel.

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