Countless Reasons Why You Have To Come Home and Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

By: Teresa Gomez

With ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station ID for 2010, the Filipinos shine more as Christmas comes closer!

There’s no place on earth where you can celebrate Christmas happier and longer. Only in the Philippines, your home country is where you can have all these reasons to celebrate Christmas. It’s all about remembering, loving, reuniting, giving, receiving and thanking God for all the blessings we have, in Pinoy ways!

So we at Mango Tours invites everyone especially Filipinos all over the world, to fly with us back home and enjoy every unforgettable reason you have to come home for Christmas:

v To celebrate Pinoy Christmas with your loved ones

v To go out, shop and decorate your home with different kinds of Christmas decors

v To watch your favorite Christmas movie with your family and friends

v Family Reunion

v Unlimited Queso de bola, Fruit Salad, Fruit Cake and Hamonada

v To attend the Simbang Gabi, make a wish and bring home freshly baked bibingka and puto bungbong perfected with a cup of tsokolate to keep you warm

v To hear your most favorite Pinoy Christmas Carols on the radio

v Nationwide Mall Sales up to 70% off

v To experience the chilling Christmas atmosphere in Baguio.

v Charity works

v To forget about dieting

v Witness the most fascinating displays that starts as early as 1st day of September

v To put a star on top of a Christmas tree with your loved ones

v To be part of a Kris Kringle

v Taste the spiciest and hottest Christmas delights in Bicol

v To pack candies and toys for children singing “Namamasko Po” outside your house

v Celebrate Christmas with the upbeat parties in Boracay

v To go to San Fernando, Pampanga and see the most beautiful displays of handmade Christmas Lanterns

v To thank Jesus for everything

We want to know what you think. Share to us your favorite reasons why you want to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines.

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