Feast for the Senses

The bustling life in the city can sometimes be exhausting. Everywhere you look, there’s always tall buildings crowding up the blue sky. Everywhere you walk, you step in to cement sidewalks instead of cottony grass. And every time you breathe, you feel less healthy due to the pollution. And you stop and think, all of those things you do can be so much better. It’s about time to untie yourself from this kind of routine and give yourself an escape you’ve always hoped for. Feed your senses with new activities, buy yourself a great, healthy meal and walk in the paths you’ve never been before. Let yourself adopt the art of discoveries. Start by discovering Tagaytay.
A 2-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay is probably one of the best options for an escape. It is a base for numerous eco-adventures, unique and delicious local produce, wonderful sights and friendly faces. The best time to go in Tagaytay if you’re coming from Manila is around 5:00am in the morning. Why? Because you don’t want miss the amusing morning view of Taal Lake. After having your coffee along the highway of Tagaytay, don’t forget to dine at Josephine Restaurant located at Tagaytay-Batangas Highway Kilometer 58.

The amiable restaurant doesn’t only offer great food but also a quaint view of the Taal Lake. Fresh air, sumptuous food, unbelievable view--All in one place. The Mango Tours team has been there. It’s proven and tested; this restaurant has something big to offer to its customers.

From the inside view of this restaurant, you can see nothing but heavenly sight. A tranquil, stable view offered free by nature. One of nature’s ways to get us away from worries and hassles of life.
Here are the must-try food delights:
Delectable Filipino Cuisines are served to satisfy your cravings.
The deliciously sour taste of Sinigang na Hipon perfected with fresh vegetables and herbs.
A healthy, full of flavor tuna belly served hot and fresh.
A lip-smacking side dish Puso ng Saging, cooked perfectly with a right mix of banana bud, vinegar, salt and herbs and secret ingredients.

Roasted Pork Liempo handed out with rich flavors that are perfect for pleasing those taste buds.
Sorbetoron, a must try-dessert is one of the all-time favorite desserts at Josephine Restaurant. It is made out of Toron (banana inside a dough wrapper) topped with ice cream with cherry on top to make every bite sweeter and unforgettable.

There is and will always be a feast for the senses every time you step into the grounds of Tagaytay. Great food for the body, tranquil sight and sound of nature for the mind and undeniably great adventures for the soul.
Do you want to experience Tagaytay at its best? Call us today ad we’ll take you to an experience you’ll never forget.

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Photos taken by: Teresa L. Gomez