Immerse yourself in the soul of Luzon through Mango Tours Sightseeing Day Tours!

If you want accessible, no hassle trips full of exhilarating activities within or near Metro Manila; we got the perfect day tours for you. Whether you are looking for leisure, adventure or great shopping experience, these day tour packages will definitely set you in the mood for exploring. So choose the tour that suits you best! From the culturally-rich City of Manila to the scenic views of Tagaytay and Pagsanjan Falls and from the historic island of Corregidor to the diverse and eco-friendly places of Villa Escudero and Hidden Valley Springs.

Manila City Heritage Tour Package from $75 per person

Explore the rich heritage of Manila, a city that has witnessed it all. From the early Muslim and Chinese settlements, to the Spanish and American rule; Manila was there. This city teems with life and activity with diverse influences ranging from Muslim, Chinese, Spanish, and American. Explore and breathe in the history of its streets and structures, its food and people that will give you a generous slice of Filipino life.

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip transfers
• Rolling tour of Harbour Square & Rizal Park
• Tour of Intramuros
- San Agustin Church
- Manila Cathedral
- Fort Santiago
• Shopping Souvenir at Mananzan Handicraft Store
• Buffet lunch at Barbara's Restaurant
• Running tour of SM Mall of Asia and CCP Complex

Villa Escudero Tour Package from $85 per person

Experience firsthand the authenticity of Filipino Culture and the diversity of its nature at Quezon’s Villa Escudero. It showcases a variety of activities that will absolutely delight visitors of all ages. Enjoy the taste of the most delectable cuisines at Villa Escudero’s Waterfall Restaurant and be part of amazing activities such as swimming, bamboo rafting, hiking and bird

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip Transfers
• Sightseeing en route to Villa Escudero
• Villa Escudero Museum Tour (7 years old and below are not allowed inside the museum)
• Lunch at Waterfalls Restaurant
• Villa Escudero Activities (swimming and other recreational activities such as bird watching bamboo rafting, Filipino games, hiking, etc.)

Manila Shopping & Spa Treatment from $90 per person

For those who love to shop at the city, this package will surely get you in shopaholic mode. Buy goods with reasonable prices as you hop around the stores in Greenhills Shopping Center and Market! Market! Savor the sumptuous cuisines at Kamayan Restaurant and end your day with a relaxing treat from Neo Day Spa.

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip Transfers
• Morning Shopping at Greenhills Shopping Center
• Lunch at Kamayan Restaurant
• Afternoon Shopping at Market! Market! Bonifactio Global City
• Spa treatment at Neo Spa (The Fort Branch)

Tagaytay Tour Package from $85 per person

If you want an accessible, relaxing, and fully-loaded leisure trip, Tagaytay City is the ideal getaway place for you where you can discover the simple pleasures in life. Tagaytay, along with its invigorating natural wonders, has been one of the pleasant havens to explore and wander upon. It is a perfect
destination to make new and blissful memories.

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip Transfers
• Tour of Tagaytay and the environs
-Ilog Maria Maria Bee Farm
-Sonya’s Garden
• Lunch at Pamana Restaurant
• Spa treatment at Nurture Spa (Optional: Php 1,800)

Pagsanjan Tour Package from $100 per person

Cascade down the fabled rapids of Pagsanjan, a town known for its Magdapio Falls or more commonly known as the Pagsanjan Falls. Let the boatmen take you for a thrilling ride as you navigate through the Pagsanjan River’s rocky surprises. This famous waterfall exhibits the power and beauty of Nature that Laguna is blessed with.

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip Transfers
• Sightseeing tour en route to Pagsanjan, Laguna
• Lunch
• Pagsanjan activities (inclusive of: entrance fee, boat ride, life jacket, cushion, helmet, use of towel,
Cavinti entrance and raft ride to the first falls

Corregidor Island Tour from $85 per person

This historic island which is situated 48 km west of Manila was a stronghold of the Filipino and American soldiers who put up a courageous stand against the Japanese forces during World War II. Visit places and structures on this rocky island that serve as important memorials to Philippine History.

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip land transfers
• Roundtrip Ferry ride to/from Corregidor Island
• Guided Tour of Corregidor
• Lunch in Corregidor

Hidden Valley Springs from $99 per person

Find comfort and relaxation in this resort naturally sculpted by Nature. Get into the calm mood as you take a dip in the natural spring pools. Take a journey in the rainforest and be one with Nature in a backdrop of century-old trees and lush foliage.

Tour Inclusions:
• Roundtrip transfers
• Hidden Valley Sightseeing Tour and Activities
- swimming
- short hike to hidden falls
• Lunch and snacks at the Resort

Note: Rates apply for a minimum of four (4) persons and above. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and are valid until March 31, 2011.

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