The Historic Manila Hotel: Mango Tours in Balitang America

The historic Manila Hotel stands proud amidst the countless changes that Manila and the country experienced. Overlooking Manila Bay, it exudes an elegance enhanced over the years. Being the oldest hotel in the Philippines and established in 1912, it was conceived to be the Address of Prestige in the Far East. Its fabled VIPs include presidents, statesmen, and other dignitaries. Movie stars, musicians, and other artists have also graced and added color to its illustrious hallways.

The hotels rooms are all furnished to provide the utmost comfort to guests. The staff and crew, in complete Filipiniana attire, perfectly complement the hotel’s grandiose interiors and amenities with their hospitality and warm service.

Boasting of nine different stations serving buffet-style cuisine, the Ilang-Ilang CafĂ© is a delight for food lovers. Cuisines range from Italian (with an authentic brick oven) to Japanese, there are also various Filipino dishes and comfort food, there’s also a dessert area with a flowing fondue for those who are craving for something sweet. Another great find is the Mabuhay Palace which whips up authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by master chefs.

The Manila Hotel continues its legacy further cementing its stake as one of the “grand” hotels in the Philippines with its rich stake in history and its tradition of excellence in hospitality.