"It's a Good Story If It's Like Manila Hotel"

The Familiar White and Green Tiled Roof of the Manila Hotel

Upon entering the doors of the Manila Hotel, one cannot help but feel the presence of history residing in it. Grand Doric columns welcome guests to the Grand Main Lobby. Comfy chairs are carefully positioned below sparkling chandeliers while traditional Filipino art adorn its walls.

A sunset suite, one of the 500 rooms of this 5-star hotel, has a view of the fabled Manila Bay sunset. The spectacular view seemingly compliments the relaxed atmosphere inside the room. Opposite this is the sunrise suite which showers guests with loads of morning sunshine.

A Sunset Suite

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Being the oldest hotel in the Philippines, it has its share of memorable guests. The great writer Ernest Hemingway once said: “it’s a good story if it’s like Manila Hotel’. US Presidents like Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson stayed here together with other dignitaries and heads of state. General Douglas MacArthur of “I Shall Return” fame lived here for six years as he helped build the Philippine Army. The likes of Marlon Brando, Bob Hope, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson also made Manila Hotel their temporary home.

The Walls of Fame

The culinary wonders offered by Manila Hotel take center stage in the recently renovated Café Ilang-Ilang. Guests can move from one delectable international cuisine to the next as they dine to their hearts’ content. The café also has a brick oven on its Italian section which allows it to serve authentic pizzas and other dishes. On the Oriental side of food, there’s the Mabuhay Palace where master Chinese chefs conjure culinary magic.

The Brick Oven, the centerpiece of the Italian section

The chef gives Gretchen Malalad tips on how to make the perfect Italian pizza

Excellent endings after meals

Surely, history is on the side of Manila Hotel as it continues to be the granddaddy of Philippine hotels and the Address of Prestige in the Far East continuing to tell and collect stories old and new.