Mango Mixes it up on the Asian Journal

Let Mango Tours boost your interest on Philippine Travel through its latest travel column on the Asian Journal -Mango Mix.

Mango Tours introduces Mango Mix--a weekly travel column published on the Asian Journal that celebrates the authenticity of Philippine destinations and culture— from must-see travel destinations and advice, social events, culinary delights, arts, to everything interestingly mixing under the
Philippine sun.

An array of helpful tips and ideas focusing on Philippine travel and culture are coming your way in every article. So get those pen and paper ready for an ultimate guide towards knowing the true meaning of Philippine life and travel!

Mango Mix’s debut column entitled the Great Tagline Tiff tackled the “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” Issue. Mango here takes a Pro-Philippine stand making it a win-win situation for all.

The second column placed the spotlights on the resurgence of tours in Manila. Hopping on Jeepney tours and satisfying Food Walk Tours, Mango Tours has been there seeing the interest with culture and history rise more and more in the Metro.

This recently published article highlights the dazzling sceneries of Bohol. Rich culture combined with great experiences at the island’s prime spots: Chocolates Hills, Baclayon Church, Tarsier Consevation Center, Man-made Forest and the Loboc River Cruise.

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