Mango Picks: Classic Chocolates in the Philippines

Valentine’s Day is near and loved ones will again be flooded by cards, gifts, and chocolates. Here’s the list of well-known chocolate brands, most of them homegrown, that will surely delight any sweet toothed sweetheart.

Choco Mallows

Fluffy marshmallows with a cookie base blanketed with milk chocolate. Try it when it’s refrigerated.

Flat tops

Packed in shiny orange and silver foil, these mildly sweet milk chocolate pieces are handy little treats.


Indulge and take it piece by piece because it’s one of the sweetest local brands out there.

Serg’s Chocolate Bar

This defunct chocolate bar was a classic in the 80s and early 90s. Encased in a distinct package, it had a milky-rich taste that made the creamy bar a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Curly Tops

Milk chocolate in little cups, its name comes from the swirls on top of each cup.

Goya Milk Chocolate Bar

On the sweeter note, it has a velvety smooth and creamy texture.


Definitely a classic among Filipino chocolates. This simple combination of peanuts, milk, cane sugar, cocoa powder offers a smooth and subtlety sweet melt-in-your-mouth experience.

So don’t hesitate to spread the love in giving away these classics, Happy Valentine’s!