Trips with Tot

If the thought of traveling with your tot is bothering you, think again. It might really sound as trouble but with preparation and getting yourself equipped with the right information, your trip could end up to be a very rewarding experience. Read these simple reminders for a stress-free vacation with your little angel.

1.Young children get easily bored during long journeys. Fill the day before with activities so they’re more likely to sleep. Don’t forget to bring their own bedding or pillow. It would also help to bring their favorite cuddly toy. If flying, choose a departure time that perfectly fits in with normal sleeping patterns. Make them comfortable.

2.If traveling on board an airplane, do not count on airline meals to feed your toddlers to their taste. Pack your own food. Bring foods that are nutritious and can easily be eaten. Resist the temptation of giving them sugary treats to keep them quiet. These may only make them louder and harder to manage after. Giving them Hi-protein foods (like the ones that will take much time to eat) is a good a choice though.

3.Just in case, create a “If I get lost” plan and discuss it with your child. Have your contact information  printed/written on a paper be on your child's pocket. It would also be helpful to dress your child in a colorful outfit so he/she’ll stand out from the crowd. Bring your child’s ID information or a recent picture.  Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

4.Pack your child’s essentials -food, diapers, sun block, bug repellant, toys, first aid kit and medications. Bring enough supplies and consider flight delays and lost luggage.

5.Research about your destination. Call your hotel/resort and ask for information like availability of child-friendly facilities and playgrounds.