Save and Travel Wisely

Vacation is a perfect time to recover from stress, think about nothing but rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Everybody wants to have one but barely few could afford.

Generally, prices are higher during the peak summer months when absolutely everyone wants to travel. Rates from airfare to accommodations and even transportation will leave you undecided whether to pursue traveling or not. Worry no more! You can still have that dream vacation, just keep these reminders in mind.

1. Plan

Determine where you want to spend your vacation, how many family members are joining and ask yourself how much am I willing to spend? Be realistic and have a rough tally of the possible expenses from transportation to accommodation and don’t forget to allocate an extra budget for emergency and shopping.

2. Look for package deals

Package promo deals do not only save you a lot of money but they also minimize your stress when it comes to organizing your trips. Travel packages often include airfare, accommodation and other perks. Browse on the net, scan your local newspaper or inquire at a nearby travel agency. Ask for quotations and compare it with one another.

3. Look for alternatives

If your travel plan doesn’t work with your budget, be creative and have a plan B ready. Search for other less-expensive destinations and activities your family could still enjoy. There are a lot of websites that offers low cost package deals like

4. Steer clear of tourist traps.

Make a list of things that you might or really need prior to packing your stuffs. Medicines, batteries, napkins and other things will cost much less at a local supermarket or drug store than it will be in your hotel or tourist destination.

5. Save your receipts

Keeping your receipts from each purchase/payment will help you remain aware of how much you have spent. Save your receipts in one place and tally them at the end of each day, do this to ensure that you have stayed within your spending limits.

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