Tips for a Quick Travel Escapade

Taking long vacations nowadays is somehow far from reality, especially if you are a career man/woman working hard to get that promotion or salary increase you wanted. But that doesn’t mean you have to give-up on taking your well-deserved rest. More often than not, all you really need is a day or an overnight trip to unwind and have fun; just learn how to make the most out of that trip. Here are some tips to help you maximize that quick travel escapade.

1. Plan

Plan your trip and get-up early on that day. Set an estimate time for travel, registration and other activities in advance. Anticipate unfortunate events by allocating extra time for traffic and the like.

2. Draft an Activity List

List down the names of the places you want to visit or the activities you plan to do, include an estimate time for travel or duration for doing that activity. Narrow your list according to how much you want to do such things. This would be a nice strategy for travel time constraints.

3. Rest

Taking nap or sleep in between travel will help you relax more, thus, giving you more energy to enjoy the quick vacation ahead.  If you are travelling by car, you can bring some travelling pillow or just use your fluffy bag to sleep on.

4. Maintain a positive outlook

Remember that your purpose for having that trip is to have fun and unwind. Leave all your worries and problems behind, just look forward to having cool clean fun and maintain a positive outlook on things.

5. Get work out of the way

This is the most important yet the most neglected reminder when traveling. Be sure to finish all that you need to do for work before taking your short travel escape. You can also finish or initially start some of the tasks that you need to do when you get back so as you can still relax the night after your vacation and/or the day before going back to work. As much as possible, refrain from answering phone calls and messages that have something to do with your work; just be sure that you have taken care of your job before taking that vacation. Also, Electronic mail nowadays are already equipped with auto-reply options, activate this to inform email senders that you’ll get back to them for their concerns.

6. Get the best accommodation

Spontaneous traveling doesn't always work especially on a quick trip. Be sure to know where you are going. Make sure that you have taken care of everything so as not to worry about the security, accommodation, getting the service that you want and/ or getting the best value for your money. A lot of sites offer reviews so check out websites for promos and discounts. You can also ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations.  Be prepared to spend in exchange for the worth you are asking.

7. Lighten the load

If you are going for a quick trip, chances are you won’t need that extra pair of shoes, bunch of skirts or hair dryer. Limit your load only to what is really needed. Besides, for sure you want an extra room for souvenirs and presents for your colleagues and family back home.

8. Take Enough Sleep

Travelling on a squeezed up schedule can really be exhausting. Make sure to get enough sleep before, during, and after your trip. Take at least 8 hours of sleep if possible. This is to ensure that you'll be well-rested and refreshed when you go back to your regular schedule.