Ayala Malls' VIPinoy Online Card Application Through Mango Tours

Get exclusive access to the cozy and comfortable VIPinoy lounges of Ayala Malls by signing up for a VIPinoy card online. 

The VIPinoy card is a privilege card exclusively offered to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), Overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their immediate families. Cardholders and their immediate family can enjoy a number of free services inside the VIPinoy Lounge including, but not limited to, Internet and video conferencing services, currency exchange and remittance service, information on investment and business opportunities, property consultation, financial management, and travel with tour services from Mango Tours.
Save yourself from the hustle and bustle of filling-out physical forms and waiting in line with Ayala Malls’ and Mango Tours’ VIPinoy card online application.

Here’s how

1. Click on the apply here button below
2. Fill-out the required information in the application form and click on the submit button.
3. Upon submission of the online application, applicant shall receive an email verification notice  .with the corresponding reference/confirmation number.
4. To claim your card, visit the Ayala Malls’ Concierge booth where you want your card to be released (indicated in the application form). Give the reference/confirmation number you received via email.
5. Submit a photocopy of any one (1) of the following requirements:
a.    For Overseas Filipino Workers and Overseas Filipinos:
                                          i.    Valid Overseas company ID
                                        ii.    Valid passport
                                       iii.    OWWA or POEA ID
b.    A proof of remittance from any local bank or any money transfer facilities for OFW/OF immediate family who wants to apply for and in behalf of an OFW/OF.
6. Pay for the P150.00 processing fee. (Get P50.00 discount just by typing Mango Tours on the “Where did you find out about Ayala Malls VIPinoy Card?” question on the application form.)
7. Get your card and start enjoying the perks and privileges of a VIPinoy cardholder.

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