Mango Picks:The Best Pasalubong from Batangas

A visit to Batangas, the land of the brave and the bold, is not complete without taking home some little mementos-- edible or not.  Here are some BatangueƱo goodies that you can give out to friends and loved ones.    

     1. Kapeng Barako (Lipa) - Nothing says Ala Eh! better than the standard BatangueƱo brew. Full and robust, there is no let down with this drink as it delivers its classic strong taste and aroma for the perfect pick-me-up in the morning.

  2. Suman (Tanauan) - These little wrapped wonders pack a sticky and delightful taste. They pair perfectly with the Kapeng Barako.

     3. Panocha (Taal) - Done with the right amount of sweetness, bite into the yummy medley of peanuts and caramelized sugar. 

.      4. Atchara (Calaca) - This pickled treat is the perfect side-dish to any meal. Serve generous amounts and let taste buds rejoice. 

.    5. Balisong (Taal) - Crafted by the artisans of Batangas, this sharp fan knife is an ideal addition to any trinket collection.