5 Ways to Combat Loneliness When Traveling Alone

Traveling is a time to explore and go beyond what we know and think of. It is an actual interaction with completely different people, cultures, and lands. As a whole, it can be so fascinating especially when you’re away with your loved ones. But traveling is not always about you and them, there will always be the time when you have travel on your own.

Some may find it pleasurable since it allows them to be away and have the freedom; a chance to know oneself further and be outside the circle you’re used to be in all the time. But others would feel otherwise because they are scared of having the anxiety of traveling alone.

So what can you do to combat this kind of anxiety?

1. Go out and appreciate outdoors

Remember that you’re in a different place – instead of isolating yourself in a room, go out and try new things, be at new places, and experience the unfamiliar culture you’re in. Every place has its own identity; it’s for you to explore and find something amusing about it.   

2. Keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy is an effective way to avoid loneliness when you’re on a solo travel. Reading a good book makes you forget about the situation you’re in since it takes you to other people’s story – away from your own. Just avoid reading books that reflect your situation and go for the light and happy ones. Cooking, doing the chores, and ending the day with a good movie are likewise cures for loneliness, so why not try them?

3. Scribble your thoughts

Try not to keep all the sadness you feel inside but rather let it all out through writing. Use your loneliness as an inspiration to appreciate the beauty of every place you visit and put it into writing; know how lucky you are to be seeing amazing things others cannot. Surely, after doing so, you’ll feel much lighter.

4. Take advantage of the Internet

It’s a good thing people invented the internet where people can communicate with each other even if they are thousand miles apart. So whenever you need to talk to someone, you can always go to your computer, connect to internet and voila! you can instantly reach them through chat and video call. These activities help alleviate the loneliness of being alone especially when you’re traveling far away from the people you love.

5. Buy something you like

They say buying something nice for oneself is an immediate cure for anxiety. So if you feel lonely and stressed out of traveling alone – go for a shop, meet with the locals, and pamper yourself with the things you like. You know you deserve it.

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