Find Comfort in Economy Flights

Who says you should deprive yourself of the comfort and relaxation that customers get from business class flights ? Boarding on economy class flights does not mean you have to travel apart from relaxation. Don't let that stress comes into your vacation. Follow these simple guidelines for a relaxing airline travel.

1. Choose airline wisely
Aside from taking advantage of sale seats and discounts, do your research before booking a flight. You can check on forums from different sites or you can also ask some of your friends who tried the airline of your choice. Have at least two airlines in mind and weigh your options. Choose the one that provides an excellent customer service. Paying for a cheaper flight with an airline that only adds to your travel stress isn’t really saving at all.

2. Sleep
This is certainly one good way to relax and kill that long travel time on board a plane; particularly for those who are gifted with the ability to sleep on virtually any moving vehicle. If you are not one of them but truly need to sleep on a flight, I suggest you take the pill-popping route. Taking sleeping pills especially on long-haul flights might be helpful for you to relax; just don’t forget to consult your doctor before doing so. Having a good nap on board a plane will surely get you recharged for your upcoming adventure.

3. Entertainment
While some airlines provide in-flight entertainment such as television, movies, newspapers and magazines, packing your own will surely help you not to get bored. If you are traveling or boarding a plane alone, be prepared with your fully charged iPod, favorite magazine or any hand held entertainment system.

4. Comfortable clothing
When traveling, it would be better to choose function over high fashion. Wear clothes that allow you to move and breathe freely. You can bring a pair of comfortable house slippers or sandals so you can take of that killer shoes even before you buckle your seat belt. If you are more daring, just take off your shoes when nap time comes; just don’t forget to wear them back when you go to the toilet.

5. In-flight Spa
Bring the comforts of home or spa —your favorite pastry, eye mask, travel pillow or a battery operated massager. With this, you will surely feel relaxed and ready for a great adventure ahead.

6. Be kind
Always have a positive outlook in life. Being relaxed and courteous to fellow passengers and flight attendants doesn’t go unnoticed and puts you in a better mood.

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