The Gentle Giants of Donsol

Donsol is a small fishing town in Sorsogon situated in the southwest part of Luzon. A humble town and a home to sea giants whale sharks locally known as “Butanding”. Nestled 600 kilometers away from Manila, Donsol is accessible either by air and/or land transportation. 


Whale sharks are known to be the largest fish in the world. They grow up to 60 ft. and weigh up to 15 tons.  Unlike other whales that are mammals, these gentle giants belong to the family of sharks. Surprisingly, unlike most of the sharks found in sea, whale sharks only feed on planktons, that’s why they are sometimes referred to as giant vegetarian fishes. Also, what makes these creatures more interesting is their friendly nature.

Whale sharks like warm waters. In a tropical country like the Philippines, it’s no wonder they swim and stay in its waters yearly. In Donsol, the arrival season of whale sharks starts from February to May. This is the ideal time for these friendly sharks to swim in the warm seawaters of Donsol where planktons are bountiful.

These giants are considered to be one of the friendliest among other creatures in the deep sea. Divers can actually swim near them without them getting in danger.
Conservation of these friendly sharks is strongly supported by the Philippine Government to defend these whale sharks from exploitation.This will allow future generations to see them.


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