Transportation in Manila

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In Metro Manila, you can go from one place to another through various transportation options. It’s quite convenient especially to daily local commuters as well tourists exploring the city on their own. So next time you roam around Manila, keep these options in mind:


Seats up to a maximum of 21 passengers per route, jeepney is the most popular public transportation in Metro Manila. It can transport you from one city to another in a very affordable fare. Jeepneys have been known for their flashy and colorful decorations making them one of national symbols of the country. Air-conditioned version of jeepneys are also operating in several cities in Metro Manila. The fare is a bit expensive than that of the ordinary, but it’s still affordable.


Manila has two types of buses; the so-called ordinary (without air-conditioning) and the air-conditioned buses. The fare is inexpensive and being monitored by the government. Operated by a driver and a conductor, buses run everywhere in Manila in different forms and sizes.


, often called as taxi, is one of the prominent modes of transportation in Manila. They operate 24/7 around the metro. Taxicabs in the Philippines are colored white. Airport taxis, conversely, are yellow. They can operate from Metro Manila to anywhere in Luzon.


The Philippine version of rickshaw, a tricycle is a motorbike with a sidecar attached with it. In Metro Manila, tricycle drivers usually operate around secondary roads and inside subdivisions. It can seat up to four to five passengers per route.


The pedicab is a bicycle with an attached sidecar where passengers can seat while the driver pedals and takes them to their destination. A pedicab ride is the least expensive mode of transportation in Metro Manila.


There are four train lines in Metro Manila. Two of them belong to Manila Light Rail Transit, commonly known as LRT. LRT Line 1 operates from Taft Avenue to Rizal Avenue route. On the other hand, LRT Line 2 operates from Santolan, Marikina to Recto, Manila route. The other train line belongs to Metro Manila Rail Transit (MRT) which has 13 stations passing the cities of Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Quezon City, and San Juan. The biggest train line belongs to the Philippine National Railways. It operates from Manila down to Southern Luzon in Bicol.

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Current Airfares to Manila (as of February 25, 2012)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates are correct at time of release, includes all taxes, and are subject to the following: change without notice, availability, ticketing deadlines, blackout dates and travel dates.

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What Type of Traveler Are You? (Quiz)

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Take this short quiz and discover what type of traveler you are. 

        1.     What would you like to do with your free time?
a.   Go on a joyride
b.   Trip to the park
c.   A visit to the museum
d.   Pray

        2.    What scent appeals the most to you?
a.   Smell of burnt marshmallows
b.   Mist and rose fragrance
c.    Distinct smell of antiques and old things
d.   Burning incense

         3.    Where do you prefer to eat?
a.   Anywhere
b.   Under a big tree
c.   On a fancy restaurant with paintings and murals
d.   Anywhere descent

          4.    What would be a nice present for your loved ones back home?
a.    Anything fancy
b.    An animal figurine or keychain
c.    A local food, or a region's famous product
d.    A trinket, rosary, or a pocket prayer book

           5.    Which movie sounds most appealing to you?
a.    Pirates of the Caribbean – Johnny Depp
b.    Pocahontas
c.    National Treasure – Nicholas Cage
d.    The Passion of the Christ – Mel Gibson

Answer Key:

Mostly A’s
You’re an adventurous traveler
You are always in search for thrilling activities that will satisfy your cravings for adventure. Your willingness to get out of your comfort zone just to discover and experience new things is undeniable. You constantly seek to expand your horizon by visiting places and doing things you have never done before.

 As an adventurous traveler, it would be great to visit the busy beaches of Boracay. Apart from its powdery white sand beaches, this island is home to many exciting and heart-pounding water activities fit for an adventurous traveler like you. Click here for a listof our fantastic Boracay Packages

 Mostly B’s
You are a certified nature lover
You are an advocate of Mother Nature, you seek to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and its environs. You are fascinated with the greens and animals on the scenery.  A nature getaway makes you feel calmed and relaxed.

As a certified nature lover, it would be fun to visit the pretty paradise of Palawan. The Breath-taking landscapes of lush mountains, awe-inspiring underground caves, exotic creatures, and powdery white sand beaches will surely make you feel calm and relaxed. Click here for a list of our fantastic Palawan Packages

Mostly C’s
You are a cultural advocate
You have the passion and love for the arts and history. You yearn to find the best of what a region or a specific place has to offer.  Most importantly, your travel goes far beyond exploration or discovery; you have the desire to experience life and/or become part of the culture you visit.

Being a culture advocate, it would be nice to explore the captivating city of Cebu; as remnants of the past are abundant in this area. Click here for a listof our fantastic Cebu Packages

Mostly D’s
You are a religious traveler
You seek more than just a simple vacation. You travel individually or in groups for leisure and pilgrimage. A trip to the region’s sacred place is a must on your travel itinerary. You seek relaxation and inner peace by visiting religious structures to which you can strengthen your faith.

As a religious traveler, it will certainly be great to travel and pay homage to Paoay church in Ilocos Norte.  The church is famous for its religious significance and distinct architectural structure. Click here for a listof our fantastic Laoag-Ilocos Packages



Mango Mix: March festivity madness

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*Click the image to read the full article and more in the Asian Journal

Mango Mix is a weekly column of Mango Tours in the Asian Journal. The column celebrates Filipino culture— from must-see travel destinations and advice, social events, culinary delights, arts, and everything interestingly mixing under the Philippine sun.



Mango Tours Says Hello To Jersey City

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We have arrived on the East Coast! Jersey City residents and those nearby can now avail of Mango Tours’ travel services which include tickets, customized packages, land transfers, and passport and Visa concerns.  

Look for us at:  

535 Newark Ave.,
Jersey City, NJ
Tel No: (201) 604-4188
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday: Closed

 Together with the 12 other branches found in Anaheim, Daly City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Newark, Panorama City, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Vallejo, and West Covina; Mango Tours is committed in providing you with the best and sweetest travel deals to the Philippines and beyond. 



Street Food Favorites in the Philippines (Part 1)

February 17, 2012 Mango Tours 1 Comments

In the Philippines, street vendors have always been a part of both the rural and urban scenes. They offer cheap and very convenient goods that most of the locals are into. Sweet, salty, sour -- all the sensations of taste are made available in the street. Served and enjoyed in different ways, Philippine street foods have been a part of the food regimen of the Filipinos. Some may find them unpleasing, but the ones who try say otherwise.

Here is a list of the all-time favorite street foods found everywhere in the Philippines:

1.     Tokneneng, Kwek-kwek

Two of the sought-after foods in the street are the so-called Tokneneng and Kwekwek. These are made from eggs dipped in a colored batter and fried until they get crispy. These are best served with spicy vinegar mixed with garlic, onion, and cucumber.

2.     Isaw

Isaw, a barbequed pig or chicken intestines, is one of the favorite snacks of Filipinos. These intestines are soaked in a flavoring then grilled on sticks. They are usually dipped in kurat (Filipino term for special vinegar with onions and other flavour enhancers) then eaten.

3. Sorbetes

A Philippine version of ice cream, sorbetes is homemade ice cream offered in the street through peddled street carts. It is served with wafer or sugar cones, or sometimes, bread buns. Main ingredients include coconut milk, flavorings, cream, ice, and sugar. The makers put large amount of rock salt outside the container of the sorbetes to help lower the temperature and prevent them from melting too fast.

4.     Sago’t Gulaman

Sometimes referred to as samalamig, sago’t gulaman is a famous refreshment drink in the Philippines made from gulaman (made from dried seaweed), sago (tapioca pearls), suspended milk, and brown sugar flavored with pandan leaves.

5.     Taho

Taho is a Filipino comfort food made from tofu, arnibal and pearl sago (tapioca). It is a sweet, high-protein snack enjoyed by everyone. Taho is served in a plastic with a spoon or a straw; some enjoy sipping it straight from the cup. 

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Current Airfares to Manila (as of February 17, 2012)

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates are correct at time of release, includes all taxes, and are subject to the following: change without notice, availability, ticketing deadlines, blackout dates and travel dates.

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Mango Tours' Weekly Trivia & More

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Mango Picks: Songs for Heartaches and Whatnots

February 12, 2012 Mango Tours 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day highlights the ebullience and excesses of love. For all of this brilliance, there are those who linger in the shadows. Some look forward to be taken out of there while others choose to stay for a while.  Here are songs for those who are on that other side: the jinxed, jaded, broken, the bitter, etc.  

Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin by Sugarfree on Grooveshark

1.     Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin- Sugarfree 

There may come a point in a relationship when the passionate flames have turned into the tiniest of embers. When this period comes, it is best to reassure yourself of the endless possibilities that are out there outside the sphere of your beloved. Is there really an escape? 

Cardiac Lines:    “Kung ayaw mo na sa akin, hindi na kita hahabulin.
Medyo bata pa naman ako / may mabibighani pa sa kin siguro

Beer by Itchyworms on Grooveshark

2.  Beer- The Itchyworms 

Bitter as the famous brew which the song pays tribute to, the verses here wail of a love lost and the powerlessness one feels. Only the immortal question is left to be answered by the listener who may turn to the golden elixir for the answer.  

Cardiac Line: “Ang beer na to o ang pag-ibig mo?” 

Nandito Ako by Ogie Alcasid on Grooveshark

3.Nandito Ako- Ogie Alcasid

The heart has an amazing capacity for pain. Whether it’s brought by circumstances or fate’s sleights of hand, the heart is a hardworking organ that can absorb the heaviest of punishments. This song is a battle-cry for those who don’t believe in no for an answer.  

Cardiac Lines: “Nandito ako umiibig sa’yo
Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso

Di Bale Na Lang by Gary Valenciano on Grooveshark

4.Di Bale Na Lang- Ogie Alcasid

Gary Valenciano breathes energy and dynamism in an otherwise hopeless situation. Despite the song’s casting of a gloomy shadow, there’s a hint of optimism and an invitation to just shake it off. Mr. Pure Energy’s remedy seems to be plain-dancing your way worries away.  

Cardiac Line:  “Hindi ko na alam kung makakaya ko pa /
Di bale na lang kaya”      

Sana by Up Dharma Down on Grooveshark

                                                           5. Sana- Up Dharma Down

After all the miles logged, love and all its baggage can still disorient. Despite its breezy and easy manner, this song puts into light the pangs of losing someone and the ambiguities of recurrence. The past casts upon us a variety of wounds, and we are made to feel their memories through the present’s scars.

Cardiac Lines: "Nalilito na ako hindi na dapat gan'to /

                       Nakaraan ay natapos at napagdaanan na"



Hotel Highlight: Bayview Park Hotel

February 10, 2012 Mango Tours 0 Comments

Bayview Park Hotel flaunts an exquisite style of comfort coupled with a satisfying touch of relaxation. Located just in front of the majestic Manila Bay in Roxas Boulevard, a delightful experience awaits you as this hotel welcomes you with warm hospitality and service.

The hotel is less than 20 minutes away from the international and domestic airports, making it the convenient place to stay for travelers. Most of Manila’s prime spots such as Intramuros, Luneta, local museums, restaurants, and night bars are also located close to the hotel giving guests an array of activities to do during their free time. With this, guests will certainly get the best of the city’s offerings. 

Bayview Park Hotel specializes in giving guests the comfort that they deserve. It offers appealing accommodations ideal for both business and leisure travels. With over 280 newly-renovated rooms, everyone can get pampered up while realizing the benefits of each cozy room.  Nothing but ease and comfort flows into every corner of the rooms making guests feel close to home. 

Enjoy each day with these following perks:
•           Room size: 30 sq. m.
•           Type of Bed: One (1) Queen Size bed or Two (2) Separate Single Beds
•           Two (2) Separate Single Beds
•           Free Buffet Breakfast for 2 Persons
•           Free WIFI Access
•           Free Daily Newspaper
•           Free 2 Bottles of Mineral Water
•           Free use of Swimming Pool & Fitness Gym
•           Welcome Drinks
•           Air-conditioning
•           Bathroom Room Amenities
•           Coffee/Tea making facilities
•           Hot & Cold Shower
•           Cable Television
•           Hair Dryer
•           Mini-bar
•           IDD/NDD phone connection

Bayview Park Hotel makes sure to provide its guests with an unforgettable dining experience. Wide selections of International and Asian gourmet dishes are served daily in buffet and ala carte styles. Everyone will surely enjoy every dining moment whether it’s for a business meeting or family gathering.

The hotel is equipped with facilities to make each stay as entertaining as possible. Everyone can enjoy, kids to adults, with the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool. Guests can stay active and fit in the hotel’s very own fitness gym. Gym equipments include a tread mill, stationary bikes, stair climbing, and multi-station strength training equipment. 

After an eventful day, guests can unwind and end their day pampered by a soothing massage done by the hotel’s well-experienced in-house masseuses.

Everyone is invited to experience home by the bay only at the welcoming corners of Bayview Park Hotel. Home is at your reach whenever you spend time here!


For bookings or inquiries, please call our 24/7 U.S. toll-free at 1-866-2-MANILA or (02) 893-0002 if you’re in Manila. Visit for more of our cheapest travel deals.

Note: Rate is per person based on double occupancy and is subject to change without prior notice. Rates may vary depending on the check-in date and is valid until March 31, 2013.