Mango Picks: Songs for Heartaches and Whatnots

Valentine’s Day highlights the ebullience and excesses of love. For all of this brilliance, there are those who linger in the shadows. Some look forward to be taken out of there while others choose to stay for a while.  Here are songs for those who are on that other side: the jinxed, jaded, broken, the bitter, etc.  

Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin by Sugarfree on Grooveshark

1.     Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin- Sugarfree 

There may come a point in a relationship when the passionate flames have turned into the tiniest of embers. When this period comes, it is best to reassure yourself of the endless possibilities that are out there outside the sphere of your beloved. Is there really an escape? 

Cardiac Lines:    “Kung ayaw mo na sa akin, hindi na kita hahabulin.
Medyo bata pa naman ako / may mabibighani pa sa kin siguro

Beer by Itchyworms on Grooveshark

2.  Beer- The Itchyworms 

Bitter as the famous brew which the song pays tribute to, the verses here wail of a love lost and the powerlessness one feels. Only the immortal question is left to be answered by the listener who may turn to the golden elixir for the answer.  

Cardiac Line: “Ang beer na to o ang pag-ibig mo?” 

Nandito Ako by Ogie Alcasid on Grooveshark

3.Nandito Ako- Ogie Alcasid

The heart has an amazing capacity for pain. Whether it’s brought by circumstances or fate’s sleights of hand, the heart is a hardworking organ that can absorb the heaviest of punishments. This song is a battle-cry for those who don’t believe in no for an answer.  

Cardiac Lines: “Nandito ako umiibig sa’yo
Kahit na nagdurugo ang puso

Di Bale Na Lang by Gary Valenciano on Grooveshark

4.Di Bale Na Lang- Ogie Alcasid

Gary Valenciano breathes energy and dynamism in an otherwise hopeless situation. Despite the song’s casting of a gloomy shadow, there’s a hint of optimism and an invitation to just shake it off. Mr. Pure Energy’s remedy seems to be plain-dancing your way worries away.  

Cardiac Line:  “Hindi ko na alam kung makakaya ko pa /
Di bale na lang kaya”      

Sana by Up Dharma Down on Grooveshark

                                                           5. Sana- Up Dharma Down

After all the miles logged, love and all its baggage can still disorient. Despite its breezy and easy manner, this song puts into light the pangs of losing someone and the ambiguities of recurrence. The past casts upon us a variety of wounds, and we are made to feel their memories through the present’s scars.

Cardiac Lines: "Nalilito na ako hindi na dapat gan'to /

                       Nakaraan ay natapos at napagdaanan na"