What Type of Traveler Are You? (Quiz)

Take this short quiz and discover what type of traveler you are. 

        1.     What would you like to do with your free time?
a.   Go on a joyride
b.   Trip to the park
c.   A visit to the museum
d.   Pray

        2.    What scent appeals the most to you?
a.   Smell of burnt marshmallows
b.   Mist and rose fragrance
c.    Distinct smell of antiques and old things
d.   Burning incense

         3.    Where do you prefer to eat?
a.   Anywhere
b.   Under a big tree
c.   On a fancy restaurant with paintings and murals
d.   Anywhere descent

          4.    What would be a nice present for your loved ones back home?
a.    Anything fancy
b.    An animal figurine or keychain
c.    A local food, or a region's famous product
d.    A trinket, rosary, or a pocket prayer book

           5.    Which movie sounds most appealing to you?
a.    Pirates of the Caribbean – Johnny Depp
b.    Pocahontas
c.    National Treasure – Nicholas Cage
d.    The Passion of the Christ – Mel Gibson

Answer Key:

Mostly A’s
You’re an adventurous traveler
You are always in search for thrilling activities that will satisfy your cravings for adventure. Your willingness to get out of your comfort zone just to discover and experience new things is undeniable. You constantly seek to expand your horizon by visiting places and doing things you have never done before.

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 Mostly B’s
You are a certified nature lover
You are an advocate of Mother Nature, you seek to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and its environs. You are fascinated with the greens and animals on the scenery.  A nature getaway makes you feel calmed and relaxed.

As a certified nature lover, it would be fun to visit the pretty paradise of Palawan. The Breath-taking landscapes of lush mountains, awe-inspiring underground caves, exotic creatures, and powdery white sand beaches will surely make you feel calm and relaxed. Click here for a list of our fantastic Palawan Packages

Mostly C’s
You are a cultural advocate
You have the passion and love for the arts and history. You yearn to find the best of what a region or a specific place has to offer.  Most importantly, your travel goes far beyond exploration or discovery; you have the desire to experience life and/or become part of the culture you visit.

Being a culture advocate, it would be nice to explore the captivating city of Cebu; as remnants of the past are abundant in this area. Click here for a listof our fantastic Cebu Packages

Mostly D’s
You are a religious traveler
You seek more than just a simple vacation. You travel individually or in groups for leisure and pilgrimage. A trip to the region’s sacred place is a must on your travel itinerary. You seek relaxation and inner peace by visiting religious structures to which you can strengthen your faith.

As a religious traveler, it will certainly be great to travel and pay homage to Paoay church in Ilocos Norte.  The church is famous for its religious significance and distinct architectural structure. Click here for a listof our fantastic Laoag-Ilocos Packages