Masskara Festival

October 1 - 22 | Bacolod City

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Held each year in the capital of Negros Occidental, the Masskara Festival is known to be the biggest annual event in the province. Aside from the celebration of Bacolod City's founding anniversary, this festivity serves as the town’s expression of gratitude for the abundance of blessings life brings them.

Happening in the town known to be the City of Smiles, this event is perhaps the happiest festival in the country. It features an array of activities from sports competition, cultural programs, beauty contests, carnivals to a street dancing competition of mardi gras styled masked dancers and a lot more.

Ibalong Festival

October 19-22 | Legaspi City

Ibalong festival is a weeklong festivity which commemorates Bicol’s early beginnings. It is a celebration which depicts the “Ibalong” epic that tells the story of superheroes Handiong, Batlog, Oryol, villains and wild animals that roamed within the area during the ancient times. The festival is marked with a pageantry of music, dances and parade of town locals wearing masks of these heroes and villains. Other activities include trade fairs, exhibits, beauty pageants and contests.

October 29- 30 | Roxas City

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A culturally significant and controversial celebration in Roxas City, the Aswang Festival is an event intended to alter the negative connotation attached to the province popularly known to be the domain of Aswang. It converts the negative impression by using aswangs as the province’s premier attraction. This festival highlights a parade of town locals wearing costumes of the most horrifying mythical creatures like tikbalang, wak-wak, kapre, manananggal and other human-eating monsters. This event also features a trade fair showcasing the world-class Capiznon sea food products and other local delicacies. 

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