Welcome to the City of Tagaytay: Mango Tours in Balitang America

In this week’s travel episode, Balitang America and Mango Tours take you to the lovely city of Tagaytay. Located 55 kilometers away from Manila, Tagaytay is a charming and delicate destination for all types of travelers. The city offers lush and picturesque sceneries combined with cool and relaxing climate. Take some time to breathe-in fresh and scented breeze as you enjoy the spectacular view of the Taal Lake. Satisfy your taste buds and try the most sumptuous bulalo while enjoying the amazing view of the highlands. Enjoy shopping at the locals’ flower shops where wide selections of colorful and exotic flowers are available year round at pocket-friendly prices. And end your day at a luxurious resort that offers prime accommodations ideal for an unforgettable escape.

Tagaytay is known as one of the best destinations for relaxation, great dining experience, and adventure.  So start planning your trip today and get ready to experience a trip you’ll never forget!

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