Secure, Donor Controlled Accounts for People You Care About [Featured Article]

Learn about a new donor controlled way to help your family and friends in the Philippines pay for medical care and education. Regalo, or the Gift of Health and Learning program, is administered by Sterling Health Services Administration to make it easy and secure for donors to enroll by completing a simple application.

To enroll, donors:

·         Name the beneficiaries for whom they want Gift of Health and Learning accounts to be established.
·         Specify the beneficiaries they want to help and the amount of money to be made available to each.
·         Specify the types of medical or education expenses they want to qualify for payment out of the account.
·         Set up a contribution plan and choose the frequency, amount and method of deposit to each beneficiary’s account.

Once the account is set up, the donor notifies the beneficiary that money is available, how they want it to be used, and how to access it. Sterling sets up beneficiary accounts with contribution and disbursement rules as specified by the donor.

For more information on the program and to access enrollment forms, please visit and find us on Facebook.

The Regalo program was established by Cora M. Tellez, Sterling founder and a successful business leader with Philippine roots, as a way of helping her own family and friends, as well as yours.