Beach Vacation Essentials

Summer is the best time of the year to bask under the sun, swim deeply into crystal-clear waters, and wander upon powdery-white sand shores. If you’re planning to spend your next dream vacation in a beach destination, make sure you are prepared to maximize your experience. Don’t let the fun get washed away by being unprepared. Keep in mind the following essentials to keep your vacation the way you want it to be:

Sunblock lotion

Before heading out to the beach, ensure to apply a high SPF sunblock lotion on your skin so you’d be protected from the rough feeling of having a sun burn and skin rash. Use a waterproof sunblock lotion so you would still be protected if even if you’re in the water. Apply generously on your skin especially on your face, neck, shoulders and back because they are the common areas of the body that easily get sun burned.  Don’t hesitate to apply it repeatedly throughout the day for a more fun and comfortable feeling at the beach.  


Drink plenty of water and to keep your body cool and hydrated. Otherwise, the sweating due to the sun’s heat can lead to dehydration and body weakness. Don’t let these mishaps happen to you while spending a wonderful day at the beach.

Hat and Sunglasses

The beach, as we know it, has a bright backdrop. The sun shines so bright and the heat is on. It’s wise to protect your eyes from too much sunlight by wearing polarized sunglasses or the ones with Ultraviolet (UV) protection while you’re out lying or walking on the shores.  Also, wear a nice hat that would provide shade for your face to prevent the prickly heat of the sun.

Bring something you like

Bring something that you can use should you wish to take a break from swimming. You could write by bringing a pen and paper or laptop (but be careful not to get it wet), bring a good book or magazine to read, or take photographs using a camera. Stay entertained and continue the fun at the beach.

Trash bag

If you want to keep the beach destination as beautiful as it is, prevent from throwing your trashes out of the trash can by bringing your own trash/beach bag.

Whether it’s a long or short vacation, keep in mind these essentials to a more a fun and exciting Summer experience at the beach!

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