At a Glance: Bangui Wind Farm (Bangui, Ilocos Norte)

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Bangui Wind Farm, commonly known as the Bangui windmills, is considered to be the first and the largest wind farm built in South East Asia. It is located in the town of Bangui, Ilocos Norte -- a little over an hour away from Laoag City via land travel.

The Bangui windmills were built by the NorthWind Development Corporation to produce clean energy for the province and help reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse effects that cause global warming. As of this writing, the wind farm houses 20 towering windmills that supply 40% of Ilocos Norte’s power requirements.  Each windmill is 70 meters long, built on-shore facing the majestic view of South China Sea. It started supplying clean energy to the province since 2005.

Apart from being a significant energy source, the Bangui Wind Farm is also among Ilocos Norte's prominent tourist attractions. A great number of tourists from all over the Philippines and other countries visit this destination to take a peek of these notable man-made mechanical structures.  Everyone can wander upon this beautiful place, take photos, and breathe-in such magnificent sight.


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By: Ling Gomez