Cebu Getaway with Alegre Beach Resort: Mango Tours in Balitang America

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On this week's travels, Balitang America and Mango Tours take you to Cebu, where its rich culture, tradition and the birth of Christianity played a role in the shaping of the country's history. This city is a fusion of past and present and is recognized as one of the country's popular business and tourist destinations. From cultural heritage landmarks to vibrant cityscape, Cebu is definitely a place worth visiting. However despite its booming status, Cebu also holds pristine beauty. A mere 2-hour drive to the northern province is a rewarding journey along the scenic mountains and quaint towns of Cebu. Discover a paradise in Sogod, where the stretch of white-sand beaches begin. Be captivated by the vast blue sea and get acquainted with the countryside beauty of Sogod, Cebu. Go to Alegre Beach Resort, a place where a wealth of recreational activities await every thrill-seeker, nature lover and sun-worshiper. Facilities at the resort guarantee guest a fun-filled holiday. Sample the remarkable Cebuano cuisine. Get that well-deserved pampering. Take an adventure with nature or engage in various water sports activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving lessons offered at the resort. Step into paradise at the Alegre Beach Resort where fun and relaxation are truly at its best.

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By: Camille Conopio