Where to go next? Cebu!

Mango Tours Where to go next: Cebu

Cebu has seen it all. In fact, it is the first to experience the beginning of the Philippine history. This province located at the central part of the Visayas region became the first settlement of the Spaniards and the cradle of Christianity. From then on, different races have settled in the island, which include American, Japanese, and Chinese occupants. To sum it all, it had rich encounters of the country’s historic past. They also endured a lot of changes as different people shaped their community – this surprisingly enabled Cebu to become the unique place it is now. There is no other place where you can be at the center of the meeting of east and west, where you get caught in the middle of the fusion of traditional and modern lifestyle. Cebu is not to be witnessed but to be experienced. Do not miss your chance to experience history, firsthand at the Queen City of the South. For an affordable package, check this out: http://mangotours.com/vacation-package-cebu.html

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