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Tasty Travels: Smoked Salmon, Alaska

It just melts in your mouth. 
Alaska may be that place most of us have been eyeing to travel to ever since. From its atypical temperature, crystal white snowfall, and interestingly-made igloos, this country has a lot for us to explore. However, considering its general surroundings, it might be hard to think about the kinds of foods they often eat. Looking for a local delicacy that Alaskans would totally recommend? Try their all-time fave, smoked salmon dishes and recipes!

Different species of salmon thrive mostly in freshwater lakes. Because of its abundance, smoked salmon has been a huge part of Alaska’s daily cuisine. From a simple picnic sandwich to a fancy smoked dish with herb risotto, this meat is indeed versatile. 
Smoked salmons exude a light umami flavor. As soon as you cut through its skin, you’ll be enticed by the subtle orange to deep red pigmented flesh. Once you take that first bite, you’ll appreciate its soft and non-fishy texture. Sprinkled with herbs and a dash of oli…

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