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Global News: Wine adventures, top ten Taiwan, and more!

Wine and the world: an enthusiast’s travel guide If you’re a big fan of wines, you could use that love to fuel your desire to travel to one of the many amazing “wine countries” all over the world. From Rosé to Malbec, these delicious drinks have a history that spans worldwide. It will be an interesting adventure to visit the birthplace of your favorite bottle of bubbly. Recommended read: How to travel the world according to your taste in wine Taiwan at the foreign travel’s top ten If you think travels to Tawan are at an all-time high, you should look at their travel record. A recent look into data shows that Taiwan is also one of the biggest countries to allow foreign travels for its nationals. With its large population and growing economic standing, it's not too big of a surprise that the locals would opt to travel to other countries as well. Recommended read: 1Taiwan ranked 10th for foreign travel A disability-friendly look at travels If we’re talking about a large percentage of …

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