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Where in the World: Sweden

As soon as your eyes land on the captivating pink skies of Sweden, you'll surely love the dreamy impression it exudes. This European country is not only an amazing spot to see the Northern Lights, but also a perfect place to view nature's beautifully-shaped landscapes.  
Other title(s): The Land of Midnight Sun, The Land of Vikings
Continent: Europe
Capital: Stockholm
Most populous city: Stockholm
Language(s): German
Current political leader: Head of State: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Prime Minister: Stefan Löfven
Currency: Swedish krona
Major Religions: Evangelical Lutheran
National symbol:
Lesser Coat of Arms : A congress blue banner with three crowns, and a bejeweled crown above Greater Coat of Arms: Prominent azure shield in the middle, two lions, the banner, bejeweled crown, and a royal cape as its elements Famous landmark: Drottningholm Palace, Visby Medieval City in Scandinavia, Kalmar Castle, Swedish Museum of N…

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