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September Must-Try's

A time when autumn begins to show its colors in the leaves all around and the brown mushrooms that begin to pop up here and there. It’s well known as a season of harvest and a time of change. Where To Go

Maldives- With the monsoon seasons clearing up, September is the perfect time to try your hand at travels to this tropical nation. China- Summertime has just begun, so the weather isn’t entirely hot yet. It’s definitely the perfect time to indulge in this Asian destination.Barcelona- School had just started for the busy students of the country so you can enjoy less congested traveling. Morocco- In the early autumn season, the country is a lot more enjoyable because the sweltering summer heat has not yet peaked and it is still cool enough to enjoy travels outside. What To Do Be merry at OktoberfestEnjoy the changing foliage of AutumnCelebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn FestivalCatch the latest fashion at New York Fashion WeekDrink up at the Budapest Wine Festival What To Eat Fruits: Grapes, Waterm…

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