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15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Australia

Just when you thought you know all about the Land Down Under, we've gathered interesting things about Australia that will blow your mind: Here you can find the Dingo Fence, longest fence in the world (5,530 km)Apart from the popular kangaroos and koalas, it is also home to more than 378 mammal species including marsupials (kangaroo, wombat, wallaby, dingo) and monotremes (platypus and echidna), 828 bird species, 4000 fish species, 300 species of lizards, 140 snake species, two crocodile species and around 50 types of marine mammal. The population of kangaroos in Australia is higher than humans. Australia has more than 2000 species of arachnids, including the venomous ones like Sydney Funnel Web, Mouse and Redback Spiders that you wouldn’t want to cross paths with.It is the only continent-nation, the smallest continent, and the world’s largest island.Has the largest reef system in the world – the Great Barrier Reef, which has its own postal box too! Christmas season is summertime in A…

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