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Tasty Travels: Blini, Russia

Pancakes are a tasty breakfast dish that are enjoyed the world over, but did you know Russia has its own version of this flat and delicious cake? Unlike Most pancakes, the Russian variant is flatter, almost like a crepe. It is called the blini (or blin). The blini was first conceived when a traveler in an ancient Russian times was trying to warm some oat jelly for a meal, when it hardened as he was distracted and turned into a fried cake. Nowadays, it isn’t just oat that can be used in blini but buckwheat, rye, wheat, and barley. Blini was such a big part of traditional cuisine that it is said a person lives with it from birth till death. There are traditions where women who have just given birth are supposed to eat blini to bless a newborn and that it is also a meal that should be served during funerals. What’s in a blini, though? Much of the things you use to make a perfectly normal pancake are included: eggs, milk, sugar, salt, flour, and canola oil. Using a preheated pan (as flat…

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