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Global News: Earth Day 2019 Photos from Space, Eco-friendly Tourist Reminders, and more!

NASA’s Incredible Earth Day 2019 Photos from Space Earth Day gives us a reason to look into our incredible home, with natural water to sustain us and lush greenery that allows us the fresh oxygen we breathe. But what if you looked outside the box for once… WAY outside the box? NASA did, bringing us these incredible views of the planet far from where we’re standing right this moment. See our beautiful world from above (and beyond) with this collection of stellar eye candy. Recommended read: Earth Day 2019: These Amazing NASA Images Show Earth from Above Travels Without Trace: Eco-friendly Tourist Reminders For travelers, it’s easy for them to litter sometimes. When something (or someplace, in this case) isn’t connected to you on a personal level, things like litter or waste can be an easy thing to overlook. Avoid becoming a jerk of a tourist by remembering to clean up after yourself. Cleaning the plastic containers and trash we use during our journey is just one of the ways we can respo…

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