Travel Tip : TSA Approved Lock

Throughout the years we’ve heard many entertaining travel stories from our customers, and sometimes we hear the not-so-good ones. A lot of people associate international travel with adventure and the thrill of being in far off places while encountering new people and cultures, but that excitement can be cut short when things like this happen:

Video: Breaking into locked suitcases is easier than you thought.

Having logged countless flights both overseas and domestically for business and vacation, we know the ups and downs of traveling, not to mention how important it is to NOT lose your stuff. While the constant inspections these days means constantly locking and unlocking your personal belongings seem like a pain, there are many ways to avoid such hassles.

One way is to get a TSA Approved lock:

These locks have a TSA-only bypass built in, should they need to open your checked in luggage. Some other brands also have color indicators to notify you if the lock has indeed been opened using that bypass.

Traveling can be a life-changing adventure, which is why we are in this business, and taking a few precautions can make sure that your trip won’t hit any snags.

-by Vincent Amazona