Jeepney Tours Special: A Look Inside Intramuros

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Going on a Jeepney Tour is like a comprehensive run-through of Philippine History. Except that, of course, it's a hundred times more fun than the class you had back in elementary. Here's why:

Aboard the jeepney with the tour facilitator

Each air-conditioned jeepney can seat 20-30 passengers and is equipped with a tour facilitator, a cooler to store sodas and beer and best of all, a Wow Magic Sing videoke system with 2 duet wireless microphones! What better way to pass the time in Manila traffic and long provincial trips than belting out lyrics to your favorite Charice Pempenco song, right?

Intramuros turret by lorliw

Our jeepney tour took us on a historical and cultural tour around Intramuros, known as the Old Manila. One amazing thing about this destination is that the moment you enter its stick stone walls, you are immediately transported back to the Philippines during its Spanish colorial era. It is, after all, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world.

A merging of old and new: looking out from
Intramuros' medieval stone walls by

Our first stop was at the Light and Sound Museum, which contains statues and dioramas that chronicle the Filipino people's pursuit for freedom from the Spanish rule--from the time that Lapu-Lapu slayed Magellan, up to Jose Rizal's execution at Bagumbayan. The dioramas are accompanied by video clips projected onto walls and various lighting techniques to match the mood of a particular scene.

Kept in the dark: the Filipino people's 300-year
struggle under Spanish rule

It's certainly an entertaining and easy way for outsiders to understand Philippine history--the Filipino people's hardships and triumphs and the culture that resulted from it. For those who were born and raised here such as myself, however, it offered a deeper understanding of my identity as a Filipino. The tour definitely strengthened my sense of patriotism.

For lunch, our jeepney brought us to Barbara's, a fine-dining restaurant whose culinary offerings are mainly Filipino and Spanish dishes. Located on the second floor of the Plaza San Luis Complex (overlooking a beautiful courtyard), Barbara's is the way you would imagine a wealthy Spanish-Filipino resthouse in the 1500s to look. We helped ourselves to a sumptuous Filipino buffet and ate while being serenaded by a string quartet.

At Barbara's sumptuous buffet, featuring
the dessert table by
Earl E. Francisco

Passengers of the Intramuros jeepney tour can also opt to take a running tour of SM Mall of Asia, CCP Complex, Harbour Square and Rizal Park. They will also be toured around Fort Santiago and taken for a brief souvenir shopping trip to Mananzan Handicrafts store.

Where the arts thrive: Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) by Francis Aquino

Experience Jeepney Tours has a total of 8 tour packages, each with a distinct experience and set of attractions. The tours offer a wide range of experiences, from a cultural and historical tour around Intramuros, a golf tour in the middle of the city, a culinary journey to Quezon, flying adventure in Pamapanga, bargain shopping at Greenhillsand a relaxing massage at a spa. Jeepney Tours does scheduled pick-ups at the hotel where you're staying or at the Mango Tours office on H.V. Dela Costa St., Makati.

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