On Minimalist Travel: Packing Light is the Way to Go

"In one sense, you have a choice to make: Is it more important to see or to be seen? If it's the former, a carry-on filled with just the essentials will allow you to cover a lot of ground unencumbered; if it's the latter, indulge yourself with multiple wardrobe options for every occasion and just go ahead and pay those extra luggage fees."

Packing light is more than just another technique in traveling. It's part of a whole minimalist philosophy where the saying "less means more" makes a whole lot of sense. In this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, travel writer John Flinn gives out tips on how to pack light--starting from making the decision to pack light, segregating the things you really need from the stuff "that would be nice to have", to helping you choose the best clothing items to bring along on a trip.

More than just being a philosophy and a technique in traveling, however, packing light is also one of the most practical ways to travel, since it allows you to save on extra luggage fees. Plus it allows you a certain degree of mobility (important especially if you're participating in a tour and plan to move around a lot).

To read John Flinn's article, "Minimalist traveling a matter of mind-set and tactics", click here.