Fly Korean Air and visit the world's best airport while you're at it!

Outside Asia, little is known about Incheon International Airport (ICN), which is located just a few miles outside Seoul, South Korea. About a third bigger in size than LAX, ICN serves as the main hub for both Korean Air and its archrival Asiana Airlines.

Photo: Peter Pae / Los Angeles Times

This huge airport, which already surpassed Changi Airport in Singapore and Hong Kong International Airport as long-time favorites, has all the facilities one could need to pass the time during a long layover. Measuring a sprawling 496,000 square meters, ICN's ultra-modern and spacious structure holds play areas for children, shower rooms, computers with free Internet access, sleeping chairs, television and movie viewing rooms, ubiquitous Duty-Free Shops and even a full-service hotel.

Korean Air's main hub has over 70 retail stores, over 70 restaurants

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