Mango Tours goes green!

We're doing our part in contributing to the preservation of our country's natural wonders and unique culture--by promoting ecotourism destinations.

Join us in our advocacy as we tackle the importance of supporting green initiatives in tourism today, before it's too late.

In order to help protect the environment, especially the Philippines' natural wonders and resources, Mango Tours has launched its Green initiative--a site that is dedicated to promoting tours and destinations that focus on ecotourism, a form of tourism that is responsible, with minimal impact to the environment, and where the natural beauty of a destination is preserved and protected by its community and local/provincial government.

It is in this site that you'll find the conservation efforts of El Nido resorts in Palawan, certain famous sites in the Philippines that we bet you didn't know where actually UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the value of caring for the environment and protecting our very unique Filipino culture.

Visit our Green initiative at To book a tour, simply call our 24/7 US toll-free number 1-866-2-MANILA.