Things to try at Incheon Int'l Airport, Korea

Waiting several hours for your connecting flight can be a real drag. At Incheon International Airport (ICN), however, you might be surprised at how time flies over here with the endless list of activities that you can choose from!

In our previous article, we focused on how ICN, also a main hub for Korean Air, has undoubtedly been ranked as the world's best airport. Its world-class amenities and entertainment options for passengers will truly redefine a typical layover experience.

Aside from its awe-inspiring modern interior, excellent service and its computer and wifi areas being a "geek paradise" ICN also holds many options for the shopaholic, food enthusiast and spa junkie in you!

Here are some things that you definitely shouldn't miss:
  1. Beef meals at Beok Je Kalbi
  2. Noodles at Jang Teo Gook Su
  3. Bulgogi burger at Lotteria & Burger King
  4. Basement sauna
  5. Shop for BB creams (a Korean wonder blemish balm cream and a very hard-to-find product in the US, also perfect for Asian skin)
  6. Good-priced signature products like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc.
For more information, visit ICN's website.