Amorita Resort's self-contained paradise

by N. Auditor

Our 2-night stay at Amorita Resort (Panglao Island, Bohol) truly exceeded our expectations and made us wish that we stayed a little longer.

Amorita, Spanish for "little love", is definitely included in our list of the most charming resorts we've seen this year. Amorita is located on the most beautiful stretch of white sand on Panglao Island, Alona Beach, which was named after Alona Alegre, a popular Filipino actress in the 60s when she shot a movie scene at the same spot with Filipino actor and cultural icon Fernando Poe, Jr.

Being within the private compounds of Amorita Resort made us feel safe and gave us the impression that we had this little piece of tropical paradise all to ourselves.

Housed within Amorita Resort's complex are spacious villas--six ocean villas situated on the edge of a cliff with a magnificent view of the ocean, and eight garden villas located in the center of a compound, each with its own lush garden. All villas are equipped with private sun decks and plunge pools for guests to cool off after a long day under the sun.

A two-storey structure found in the midst of its sprawling gardens houses Amorita's 20 spacious deluxe rooms, all equipped with two queen-sized beds each, and a balcony overlooking the lush garden and resort grounds below.

Tropical and environment-friendly living are themes that are consistent throughout the resort: from the earth color scheme of its walls, the various indigenous ornaments found around the resort, the furniture (made especially by Filipino craftsmen), the rainfall-type showers and the relaxed feeling of consistently being in open space.

Amorita's staff will make sure that you are well taken care of, as shown to us during our visit. From the time you are picked up at the airport until the time that you leave the resort, you will truly feel the warmth of Filipino hospitality. The staff at the front desk always made sure to remind us of things as simple as our spa appointment for the next day (the same girl who checked us in would go so far as to walk to where we were--usually at Saffron Restaurant--for these simple but helpful reminders).

The staff at Saffron Restaurant would also engage you in interesting conversations by lending some facts about the island and the resort (and yes, this definitely includes some showbiz and politics gossip, which are always hot topics in this country). They would always keep an eye out on you from a distance, in case there is anything else that you need while you enjoy your scrumptious seafood dinner.

Saffron Restaurant serves a wide array of delectable Filipino, Spanish and American cuisine. It is also a widely known fact among tour guides that although there are several resorts on the island that are more luxurious and much, much more expensive, their VIPs and guests would still come all the way to Saffron Restaurant to satisfy their culinary cravings.

The restaurant is open-spaced, lending its diners a breathtaking view of the sunset. This, along with its antique wooden tables, armoires, driftwood tables and furniture made by internationally-recognized craftsmen, contribute to an all-tropical ambiance. Topping it all off is an infinity pool located by the cliff where one can relax and enjoy the sunset at the end of a satisfying day in Panglao Island.

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