A truly artistic experience @ Rafa's Deli + Café

By: Teresa Gomez

Rafa’s Deli & Café is truly a cool and creative place to be. Once you’ve entered the place, you will feel like you’re in a place where works of local artists come alive. I consider it as an artist’s haven where customers and artists themselves can hang around and enjoy the goodness of the food. And the food that they serve is great. They offer deliciously creative tastes that will make you crave for more. Some of their scrumptious dishes include Vigan Longganisa, Chicken Skewers, Bacon Omelette Sandwich, Buco Pandan Iced Tea and Corn Coffee.

Rafa’s Deli & Café is a place where unlimited imagination flows; from their display of robots, music CDs, comics, accessories to their eclectic collection of posters that range from Marilyn Monroe to Groove Armada.

Aside from foods and art products display (which you can actually buy), is the art gallery where paintings of our local artists are exhibited. This art gallery makes this café distinct among the others in town. Rafa’s Café + Deli does not only give customers delicious food and a place to hang, but they also support and help highlight the many creative and gifted Filipino artists that we have nowadays.

Get to know more about the the great food and the unique experience in Rafa's Deli Cafe by calling our US toll-free number at 1-866-2-MANILA or visit www.mangotours.com for more details.

photos by: Teresa Luzon Gomez