Antipolo's hidden paradise: Crescent Moon Café and Pottery

In the heart of Antipolo lies a hidden paradise known to its regular denizens as the Crescent Moon Café and Pottery, owned and managed by Lanelle Abueva-Fernado. The Asian inspired place has a charm that both delights and captivates those looking for a good place to eat and buy pottery known for their unique characteristics and designs.

Dishes that are served in Crescent Moon are inspired by the delightful flavors of Asian cuisine. To name a few, are their signature appetizer, Nium Kum, and their famous Suman matched with fresh mango. Nium Kum is a Thai dish that is made up with alagao leaves with stuffing consisting of peanut sauce, mango, green chili, onion, ginger, dried coconut, shrimp and basil. This delicious appetizer has a unique sweet and salty taste.

Two of the main dishes served in Crescent Moon Café are their tasty Thai noodles and Roast beef. You’ll be surprised with the flavorful crunchiness of the noodles matched with the simple yet tasty roast beef.

Crescent Moon Café is known for its pottery. Different designs are available for sale. Beside the café lies the Studio Pottery owned and managed by Lanelle Abueva-Fernando. The most interesting part of the studio pottery is their P200 per kilo sale where you can just weigh in your purchase and get to take home these original earthenware for a bargain.

Watching how the potteries are made makes them more interesting. You can watch how these are molded, glazed, fired, and retouched to perfection. Pots are then stored in a hot vault for a minimum time of 12 hours to dry.

Some of Crescent Moon’s colorful and distinct potteries that are for sale.

They have variety of potteries you can buy. From different sizes of plates to cups and kitchenwares with interesting designs.

Crescent Moon does not only serve good food and artistic potteries. They also have a lovely garden waiting outside the pottery and café. The small ponds with Koi fish are so much fun to feed because they swim as if they are dancing for joy whenever you feed at them. The most interesting part of feeding the kois is you can actually feed the fish with your palm - it’s a magical feeling.

Crescent Moon’s Café and Pottery has a garden with lovely creatures in it such as butterflies, turtles and Koi.

photos by : Teresa Luzon Gomez