Bacolod: More than just a City of Smile

There are countless of activities and adventures waiting for you in the City of Bacolod. It’s simply one of the greatest places to visit because of its culturally-rich heritage sites, festivities and cuisines. Bacolod’s worldly-known Masskara Festival has put its name in the map and is one of the happiest events in the Philippines. This City of Smile has both the charm and beauty that will definitely captivate you and fuel your thirst for upbeat celebrations.

Food has become one of the main allures of the city. For all foodies out there, Bacolod is the perfect place to taste real food with real goodness. There are plenty of restaurants and food corners where you can explore and dine. Their Chicken Inasal (Grilled Chicken), which is known throughout the Philippines, has become one of the all-time-favorite foods of the Filipinos. Its unique blend of flavors and spices distinguish itself among other chicken cuisines.

Sweets and other delicacies such as piaya and napoleones are two of Bacolod’s subtle confectioneries. Napoleones, which can only be found in Bacolod, is a must taste for every tourist who visits the City. This layered puff pastry has a delicate sweetness that can satisfy the cravings of your taste buds. Piaya on the other hand can be bought and seen in some of the corners of the Philippines but what they have in Bacolod are more delicious and addictive.

Bacolod is also known for its numerous heritage sites. The combination of Bacolod's past and modern life has formed the magnificent culture that BacoleƱos have today. Some of the antique establishments that can be seen in Bacolod include San Sebastian Cathedral which is a masterwork of a baroche architecture and other historic wonders like Fort San Juan, Theodore Vinther Monument, Palacio Episcopal, and Negros Museum.

So aside from the vivacious celebrations and delicious cuisines, one can also relish the serenity and brilliance of Bacolod's historical places.

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